10 African Countries with the Largest White Population in 2019

There are around 1.3 billion people live in Africa, and less than one percent of this number are white European descendents, therefore we present you with a list about African countries with the largest white population in 2019.

Population of Africa is predicted to double by 2050 that isn’t very surprising as African populations grow quickly, and the rate of growth is around 2.55% every year. The main reasons are at first people live in poverty and women don’t have the possibility to access to family planning methods, and the 41% of the whole population is under the age of 15.

But let’s have a short introduction about their culture. There are more than 2100 different languages spoken in Africa, and you can find lots of religions there: from Christianity, Islam to Judaism or Hindusim, but there are several traditional religions as well, too. However it’s not surprising, as Africa is the second biggest and second most populous continent in the world. But how did the white population get to Africa?

Africa has always been a colony of European white colonizer countries, such as Portugal, Great Britain, Spain, France, Germany. Their reasons for colonizing were very simple: they needed harbours, free labor, money and power. The first settlers then stayed there and now we can speak about white Africans of European ancestry, who find Africa wonderful to live in, and who consider this large continent their home.

Now without a shadow of a doubt, let’s check out the list of African countries with the largest white population in 2019.


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10. Mozambique

The percentage/number of white people: 1.15% or around 45 000. The main white inhabitants are Portugese. Large number of white farmers moved here from Zimbabwe, due to the controversial land reform there.


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9. Botswana

The percentage/number of white people: 3% or around 70 800. This country is an exclusive and popular safari and vacation spot. Its white population consists of Dutch and British.

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8. Kenya

The percentage/number of white people: 0.2% or around 103 500. Kenya is located in East Africa, and it sits on the equator. There’s an interesting fact: more than 65% of the land is owned by 36 white settlers.


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7. Morocco

The percentage/number of white people: 0.3% or around 109 400. The white population mainly consists of French, although half a million of European used to live there before it gained its independent.


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6. Tunisia

The percentage/number of white people: 1%  around 117 400. This small country has a very interesting history, since it was a major trade center for centuries.

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5. Madagascar

We are half way on our list of African countries with the largest white population in 2019. The fifth place is given to Madagaskar with its percentage/number of white people: 0.5% around 133 000. It’s an island country on the Indian ocean, with lots of French inhabitants.


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4. Namibia

Namibia is a country in southern Africa, with its percentage/number of white people: 6,4 or around 168 000. The official language is Afrikaans, which is a Germanic language, origins from the Dutch language, but people generally can speak English and German, too.

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3. Zambia

Zambia is a country in sub-Saharan Africa, with the percentage/number of white people: 1% or around 176 000. The white settlers arrived from the United States and South Africa as the country welcomed white settlers.

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2. Angola

Angola, is on the second place with its stats: the percentage/number of white people: 1% or around 300 000. The first settlements arrived in the XVI century and until the beginning of the XX century it was ruled by Portuguese


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1. South Africa

And now here’s the first place given to South Africa, which is not surprising. The percentage/number of white people: 9.2% or around 5.3 million. The country was discovered by Bartolomeu Dias and Vasco da Gama, then Dutch East India Company in 1652 founded the first colony at Cape Town. By the end of the XVIII it became a British colony, then the Dutch took control again. From the second half of the XX century apartheid marked the country. Nelson Mendela, the first black president lead the country to a peacuful life without racial segregation. The number of white population is continually decreasing.

Now, this was our list of African countries with the largest white population in 2019.

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