10 Best Alarm Clock Apps on iPhone and Android For Heavy Sleepers

Do you have a problem getting up in the morning? In case you do, you need one of 10 best alarm clock apps on iPhone and Android for heavy sleepers.

I can turn 10 alarms on before I go to sleep and I know that I will hear none of them in the morning. Magically, I press the snooze button and don’t even remember doing it.

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I remember only having one alarm in my life that could wake me up. It was a little Twitty alarm that played very characteristic music. Unfortunately, I broke it after a couple of years and now, when I found the same sound, it isn’t the same. I still have my snooze button and I just cover my head in order to avoid light. The worst part of it is that, even when I see the Sun, I can’t get up. I even taught my son to get up later than he used to. So now, even if he is awake at 7, he comes to my bed, closes his eyes, and gets back to sleep. My angel. But this is the reason I could never work in some office. I assume that I would get fired after only one week, if not one day. Even though I hate being late, I really can’t get up late.

I saw one interesting clock a couple of months ago that I am dying to buy and I always forget when I am ordering online. It has wheels and it is riding around playing some irritating music until it makes you get up.

When it comes to downloading apps on my Android smartphone, I really struggle with the decision. People recommended all sorts of different apps but there was no point. The most frequent is the one that is off as soon as you resolve some math problem. That is great for people struggling with math on a daily basis. But what happens with a person that can multiply 3-digit number by another 3-digit number? I don’t think so. I did it in my sleep and got back to bed.

But there was the one that really made me get out of the bed and don’t return until night. After the installation is done, you are supposed to take a picture of one object from your house. The process was next: the sound is really loud and the only way you can stop it is to take pictures of that item each time when the alarm starts. There is a snooze button that can be pressed only once and, in case you turn your smartphone off, you will have to shake it for as many hours as it was off so that the alarm doesn’t start again.
Sounds interesting? Take a look at all 10 best alarm clock apps on iPhone and Android for heavy sleepers that are out there and take a pick.

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