10 Best Commuter Towns in NJ To NYC

Do you have an idea what are the best commuter towns in NJ to NYC? New York City has a pretty high cost of living, and it’s just not pragmatic for everyone. If you have kids, you might not want to raise them in the city and would rather live in a place like New Jersey where they have a little more space.

Commuter towns can arise for some different ideas. Sometimes, as in Sleepy Hollow, New York or Tiburon, California, a city loses its primary source of a job, leaving its citizens to seek work elsewhere. In other cases, a delightful small town, such as Warwick, New York, over time attracts more residents but not large businesses to employ them, demanding denizens to commute to employment centers. Another cause, particularly relevant in the American South and West, is the rapid growth of once-small cities. Owing in large part to the earlier creation of the Interstate Highway System, the greatest increase was seen in the sprawling metropolitan areas of these towns. As a result, many small cities were incorporated into the neighborhoods of these larger cities. Often, however, commuter towns form when workers in a region cannot afford to live where they work and must seek residency in another city with a lower cost of living. The late 20th-century dot-com bubble and United States housing bubble drove housing prices in Californian metropolitan areas to historic highs, generating the exurban increase in adjacent counties. For example, most cities in western Riverside County, California can be considered exurbs of Orange County, California and Los Angeles County, California. As of 2003, over 80% of the workforce of Tracy, California was employed in the San Francisco Bay Area. In some major European cities, such as Berlin and London, commuter towns were established in response to bomb damage provided during World War II. Residents were relocated to semi-rural areas within a 50-mile radius, firstly because much inner-city housing had been damaged, and secondly to stimulate development away from cities as the industrial infrastructure shifted from rail to road. One of the best commuter towns in NJ to NYC is North Arlington, located in Bergen County, has a population of about 15,900 and one-way fare to NYC is about $7. Another one is Cliffside Park. Also in Bergen County, Cliffside Park has a population of about 24,900, and a one-way fare costs $4.50.

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