10 Best Companies for Chemical Engineers

Chemical engineers are highly in demand around the world, which gives them the open doors to choose and make their own conditions. Due to that, there are 10 best companies for chemical engineers based on the minimum annual salary.

First of all, let’s take a closer look into chemical engineering for the ones that aren’t really familiar with this job portfolio. The definition from the TimesHigherEducation for the chemical engineering is that it is the ’’supervision and design of chemical reactions on an industrial scale, for the purposes of energy production or human development in general’’. In other words, every problem or innovation that occurs in a matter of chemicals, food, pharmaceutical products, fuels. Your duty as a chemical engineer is to do experiments in safe environments such as labs, researching the new methods for chemical reactions, gathering the important information and effects that some new chemical would have, and gather the average costs for production, implementing, and product design.

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This is why the main key skills that you have to gain during your education that would include chemistry, mathematics, biology, and physics, are the problem solving, creative, and critical thinking. Thanks to the worldwide demand for pharmaceutical and biomedical products, as well as the energy resources, chemical engineering seems to be having a bright future. According to the DATA USA, the expected job growth for chemical engineers is 1.8%. Their database also reveals that there is a 66,551 of the submitted workforce in this field by the last counting. But, unfortunately, like in the rest of other specialties, the average salary for male chemical engineers is still for around $10,000 higher than the average salary for female chemical engineers.

Although the predictions for the future of this expertise are bright, the truth is that the chemical industry in EU and the US is slowing down a bit due to the enlargement force of the Asian chemical industry. There are a few factors that influenced this, but the main two reasons are the more knowledge and innovations in China than in any other part of the world and the cheap working force. On the other hand, when it comes to the US, Insider Monkey did one more research in December 2015 and found out that Los Angeles and Texas are still the top states in demand for chemical engineers. When I checked their article and compared it to the research I did by myself, the numbers have changed a bit, but they still tell in favor of these two states. But since the moving to the particular state because of the job isn’t enough, Insider Monkey did the one more research a few months back and found not just states, but the 10 best companies for chemical engineers. So let’s see which ones are they.

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