10 Best Countries to Find a Husband

For all the single ladies there are 10 best countries to find a husband!

Let’s be real, we all want someone to hold us at night and say ’’Good morning!’’ when we wake up. We want someone to be there for us for better and for the worst. We want someone that will be next to us until the end of life. None of us wants to die alone, even though many of us say that in public. I believe that the real issue is the fear of finding the right person or a fear that we will end up alone against our will.


Pixabay/Public Domain

I was the first one claiming that I will never, ever have a husband. I claimed that I don’t want someone who will bother me forever. I claimed that I was strong, an independed woman who doesn’t need a man to have a fulfilled life. And that is the truth. Well, at least partially. I am not depressed for being single. But I like having someone around. I like being loved. I like having someone to hold my hand and say that I am everything to him. I really thought I found the one, but I was wrong. Better luck next time and I know that the time will come.

For some reason, I decided to get married. And I was one of the girls that said that I won’t ever have a family. However, I grew up and my views and beliefs changed. I am not looking for anyone right now, but I want to fall in love again. I want to be proposed. I want to wear a white dress and say ’’I do!’’. I have a child, but I want to have another one. With my soulmate. I have my wishes and I know that there is a guy out there who will fulfill all my needs and be the one. The real one! But I am not the type that will chase around and meet all the guys in the world just to get that ring because that is the easier way. The hard way is finding someone that is a perfect match. That satisfies you in every sense. But guys became so ruthless in a way and avoid marriage like it is the worst thing in the world. But not everywhere. Every woman who decided to get married this year, here is the list of 10 best countries to find a husband! Good luck!

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