10 Best Countries to Find a Virgin Wife

Concerning virginity more and more societies accept first sex at a rather young age – in the middle of their teens actually, now we have looked after what the situation is about virginity in the world, or in other words what are the best countries to find a virgin wife.

It’s an interesting and sad thing that young people feel they need to hurry with losing their virginity nowadays. Everything is too fast in these days; fast dates, fast affairs, fast sex escort modern life and now that we really have all the conviences we absolutely have no time. We have no patience to wait for someone, especially it is especially true for men. If you check people on Tinder, most of them expect sex on the first date.

So young people generally keep asking themselves and friends: to wait or not to wait. The answers are controversial and nobody knows what the future brings. If you don’t make sex before marriage, you can avoid STDs, which is a huge risk nowadays. On the other hand, you can get sexually transmitted diseases in a marriage as well, if your spouse is not faithful. Nothing is guaranteed either from your side or from the others.

But what virginity means medically? Well, it means that hymen, this thin memrane that surrounds or partially covers the opening to the vagina, is intact. There’s an interesting fact, that there are women who were born without it, and then there are women who don’t bleed when the hymen is burst. These women have always been in a very hard situation at their wedding-night. Nevertheless women could always find solutions to solve this problem through centuries. 

When it comes to virginity some questions rise, such as what about other types of sex like oral, anal? Do they count when we speak about virginity? There are answers on both sides, many say it doesn’t count, while others claim it does count. What is your opinion about it?

And now, after some unanswered questions, without a further ado lets’s check out what Insider Monkey have investigated for you about the best countries to find a virgin wife.

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10. Thailand

Thailand’s presence on this list can be very surprising, as we have recently published couple of lists about promiscuity, adultery, easily getting laid – and Thailand was highly ranked in all of them. Additionally commercial sex industry is flourishing, young women get married to foreigners in the hope of a better future.  How come yet virginity is important there? Thai girls are taught to remain virgins until they get married, nevertheless more than half of the men claim they are unfaithful to their wives.

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9. Japan

Half of the unmarried young people are regarded to virgins so if you want to find a virgin wife, visit this amazing country.

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8. Nigeria

The virginity tests still exist in this country, and  UN activists’ fight aginst it sometimes seems to be vain.

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7. China

Virginity is very important in China when it comes to begin a serious relationship.

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6. Taiwan

It happened last year that a Taiwanese boxer and martial arts fighter killed his girlfriend as she lied about her virginity. This is a horrible story, but it represents that virginity is still an important matter in this country.

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5. Turkey

We are half way on our list of the best countries to find a virgin wife and Turkey is the country where virginity is the main worth of a girl. 

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4. South Korea

Although South Korea is a much better place than North Korea, but the premarital sex is still not accepted because of the Confucian traditions. Therefore the restoration of virginity is pretty populat when it comes to get married.

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3. Indonesia

Indonesia is a country where policewomen still have to undergo the two-finger virginity test as a part of the recruitment.

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2. India

India is the second country on this list now. The  Supreme Court in India at last banned the infamous two-finger virginity test. Nevertheless it is still practised in several parts of the country. Virginity is still necessary for a girl to get married in India.

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1. Malaysia

Malaysia has got the first place on the list of the  best countries to find a virgin wife. They are not only beautiful, but they are vestal too, as Malysian girls are the oldest to lose their virginity in the world, which is really respectable. 

Now, as we have finsihed with the countries, what do you think about them? Which one would you visit to find a wife?

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