10 Best Countries to Migrate With Family

If you want to move somewhere abroad with your family, here are 10 best countries to migrate with family.

The situation is different from country to country when it comes to working abroad or moving your whole life there.


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I come from the country where people are mostly going to other countries where they can only stay for 3 months and, after that, they are forbidden to go anywhere outside the border for 90 days. In a meantime, they are here, living unemployed life.

The bigger problem that exists when people decide to transfer to another country is their inability to move with their family. Since the only way for the majority of them is to get married in a foreign country where they need to stay with someone else for at least 5 years to get the papers, the percentage of divorced people in the country I live in jumps each month. I won’t be surprised if there are less than 50,000 of people living in it in 50 years.

For example, to get the papers, my godmother had to marry her boyfriend’s friend, while my godfather got adopted by his grandmother’s friend. They practically lived apart for 5 years before they got to get married and had children on their own.

The other example from my surrounding was a friend that had two children. One was accepted by the father while the second one only had mother’s name on his birth certificate. When she found a new boyfriend, he lived abroad and, even though they got married, she didn’t have any rights as a foreign citizen. But the trick for some countries is: if a woman gives birth to a baby in their country, both mother and baby get papers instantly. Luckily for her, she was already pregnant when she got married so she, her younger child and a newborn baby got papers. Unfortunately, the oldest son is still with his grandparents since there is still no chance for her
to bring him with her.

So this brings us back to the best countries to migrate with family. First of all, is it really possible for a man who is already married and have children to legally go somewhere abroad and bring the whole family with him and have a normal life without being afraid of getting kicked out one day by immigration police? It actually is. Click on 10 best countries to migrate with family and find out more about this topic.

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