10 Best Dance Clubs in NYC For Singles Over 40

Are you interested in the best dance clubs in NYC for singles over 40? Do you like dancing? I do. Dancing is not only a good feeling, but it gives freedom and s sportish figure as well. It’s not a trouble if you are not a professional, dance is for everyone: young, old, woman, and man – everybody can do and enjoy this simple but at the same time difficult art. What’s more if you like dancing you can meet your Love somewhere in a dance club. Who knows? Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting tips about his topic.

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Dancing became extremely popular and nowadays you can find  large numbers of dancing clubs for singles  in New York, so if you want to go out to dance  and meet someone– don’t hesitate! As for me I have always loved dancing, although I learnt only folk dance, and not modern dances. I love folk dances very much, but sometimes I think it’s not late, I can start learning modern dances even now. The idea of dancing clubs for singles is great.

We have picked three clubs from Insider Monkey’s list. M1-5 is a really great place. Birthday parties, private events, and corporate events can be hosted by M1-5. The entrance is handicap accessible and not only that, but their amenities are really amazing. You can enjoy not only dancing but also drinks on their large island bar, private booths for dining and a beer pong table too. The second club is Cielo. It offers you high-end electronic music and a 1970s-inspired aesthetic. They have lounges and even VIP rooms available.  Experiencing Cielo would also mean experiencing friendly dance battles on the dance floor. Acoustics can be heard here too! Tha last one for today is Copacabana. The legendary Copacabana made it to Insider Monkey’s list of 10 best dance clubs in NYC for singles over 40.  The music genres you will experience here are salsa, Reggae, Bachata, and hip-hop as well.  They also have a fun event that is free access to ladies in red dresses, police, firefighters, and military. Now, it’s your turn, if you are single, over 40 and want to dance!

For any further useful tips, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about best dance clubs in NYC for singles over 40.

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