10 Best Drinking Games to Play with a Girl

If you want to spice up your relationship, here are 10 best drinking games to play with a girl.

Drinking games are so much fun in case you know when to stop drinking. This is why it is important to establish some ground rules before you start drinking. These games for 2 can be played with or without cards and/or paper, or just with the alcohol. Of course, any alcohol comes into consideration from beer and wine to shots. But, it is desirable to choose a drink that you don’t get drunk easy with.



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There is no point in getting wasted after a few shots and wasting the whole night. The way I see it, there are 3 possible scenarios. The first one is the one where you don’t know which drink to take and how much do you need to drink to stay normal. Those are usually games with winners and losers and the loser is usually the one passed out in his/her own vomit. And no one should see it, especially people who get intimate with each other. The second one is getting drunk enough to do something stupid that you will regret at the end. It goes all way back to mutual arguments to illegal acts that won’t ever be excused because of the enormous amount of alcohol you drank.
The third, most desirable scenario, is the one where you choose some light drink and take things slowly. Enjoy each other company and have innocent fun. This is why the list of 10 best drinking games to play with a girl is created. To enjoy your time and connect even more. And who knows what else can happen after these games.

Although I found some games from this list dull for my criteria, there are some interesting ones such as flip, sir or strip. The whole point is in flipping the coin. While one player flips the coin, the other one should guess whether it will be head or a tale. If he/she is right, he/she can choose the ’punishment’ for the opponent. It can be removing one clothing item or drinking the whole glass. If he/she is wrong, the player who flipped the coin gets to decide whether the opponent will remove some clothes or drink. At the end, you both get drunk and naked. Not bad for a foreplay.

Let’s see the full list of 10 best drinking games to play with a girl.

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