10 Best Drinks To Order at a Bar for a Woman

You dressed well, put a makeup on, grabbed your high heels, went to a bar all beautiful and attractive and flushed it all down the toilet when you drank the whole beer mug in one breath? Next time, try it with 10 best drinks to order at a bar for a woman.

Yes, men love free-spirited women that don’t care about other people’s opinion. They will have more respect towards the woman that comes into a sports bar, have snacks and beer with them, while she loudly screams the name of her team. Most of the guys claim that they would rather see their girlfriends in sweat suits, with a messy hair, when they just got out of the bed, over the fake lashes, 2 pounds of makeup, higher heels, straighten hair, tight dress, a million accessories, and the nose in the air. But this part comes after. When you are already comfortable enough to forget to shave your legs or do your nails.

Pixabay/Public Domain

But, besides getting the right catch, women simply like feeling feminine. Not because of other people but because of themselves. We are all struggling with our jobs and the outfits we are wearing, rushing every day through town to finish all the chores that have left, clean our houses, making something to eat, that leaves no time for us to look like a woman sometimes. I remember even going out of the house without brushing my hair in the morning. Luckily, the ponytail saved the day, but, to be honest, it didn’t make me feel hot at all. And all of us need that from time to time. All of us need the time to stop and the whole room turns in our direction when we enter. And we all need some Sex and the City in our lives.

By that, I don’t mean falling in love too quickly, or being hopelessly devoted to someone who doesn’t seem to care, or be promiscuous. I mean the part when you do your hair, wear some tight outfit, put on your favorite heels, and go to the full bar. We need to sit on one of those high chairs, cross our legs in a way that only one leg would remain uncovered, order martini with those tiny umbrellas, and play a seducing game with some handsome man. But what if you don’t like a martini?

In my experience, the biggest question of all when we go out isn’t where we would go or what to wear, but the drinks we would have. Most commonly, we order by the previous agreement and it is most usually the same. But if you and your friends have the similar issue, here are 10 best drinks to order at a bar for a woman to spice it up a bit.

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