10 Best Excuses to Get Out of Work

If you feel important to have a day off, you can use our list of the  10 best excuses to get out of work. As Christmas is only 2 days far, you may need some extra days to get out of work. Or between Christmas and the New Year’s Eve you feel like sitting in your armchair, drinking some delicious wine; or having a relaxing day at a wellness hotel – we are here to help you out with some good excuses.

As this year is over soon, and all of you had a hard year with lots of work, anxiety – you really need to have some rest. Right before the holidays everything is so busy, you are doing the cleaning, planning and preparing the meals, having lots of guests or visiting your family. Therefore you are really long for a little time to relax and treat yourself.

What should be done? Well, at first, you must find out a good excuse to tell your boss. But if you are not good at making out stories, here we sorted out ten excuses that really work. You will see that some of them are old ones, but they are unquestionable and still work. Some of them mean that you should stay at home if you use them (for example you are ill), but for instance if you say you have a dentist appointment, you can move in the city and don’t need to worry about meeting someone.

 So what are you waiting for? If you want the best excuses to get out of work, read this list!
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10. Religious Holiday

It’s a really good axcuse, as nowadays nobody keeps questioning when it comes to an inmportant religious celebration day. But telling you the truth it’s against any religion to lie, but if you don’t mind using this excuse, just go on.


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9. Dentist Appointment

A dentist or any doctor appointment can be an excellent excuse to get out of work for a day or two.


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8. Self-Care Day (Mental Health Day)

If your schedule is too tight at a big company, you can easily burn out. As your mental health is much more important than any work, it’s evident you need to have a day off.


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7. Lack of Childcare

If you have children, it’s a constant issue to have someone who looks after your children. But if you are lack of childcare it’s obvious you need to take care of them.


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6. You’re Visiting Family

If you are planning to visit your long distance family, it’s natural that you need a long weekend, right?  best excuses to get out of work!


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5. You’re Moving

Moving. I have already moved twelve times, so I really know what it means. In my opinion it’s one of the worst things. Your boss won’t put up too many questions if you need some extra days because of moving.


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4. Be Honest

I think this excuse depends on your workplace. There are lots of companies, where you can do this. You just come up to your boss, and say you need an axtra day off, bacuse you are tired and exhausted, or for any other reasons.

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3. No Reason At All

If an unpaid leave will do too, you really don’t say anything. Just a have a day of, and that’s all.

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2.Taking Your Child to a Doctor

This is the top excuse I think. If you have children you have gained lots of reasons why you need to stay at home for a day or two. If you tell your boss that your child has an appointment to a doctor, your boss won’t say you can’t have a day of.


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1. Personal Reasons

Now, as we are here at the top of the list, we can see that the best excuse is the personal reason, whene you don’t need to say anything, as you do have the right to have a day off because of a personal reason without any details. This was the list of the  10 best excuses to get out of work, which one did you like the most? Which one have you ever used?

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