10 Best Kid’s Classes Under $50 in NYC

If you have kids you are surely interested in great classes for them, so keep reading about the best kid’s classes under $50 in NYC. Insider Monkey gives you amazing advice as usual. The massive City of New York is home to over 8 million people, and among which many are kids. It is almost criminal not to allow kids the support they need to grow and flourish as individuals. Relying only on school for your kid’s education can leave your kid behind the competition later in life.

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In order to get the best classes, Insider Monkey has consulted the rich database at Class Curious. This site is always a great help if you want to search some excellent classes in any fields. Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three of the best kid’s classes under $50 in NYC from their list. Now we have chosen three completely different classes just to show how many activities can be found in New York City under $50.

The first one is Young Chefs Academy. If cooking is something your kid’s interested in then, Young Chefs Academy is the way to go. They offer a variety of cooking classes for various age groups. Apart from regular cooking classes, they offer themed cooking classes. Each class costs $45 and is definitely worth your money. They have some really fun classes that teach kids how to utilize leftovers, this will teach your kids not be wasteful with food. If you are thinking about sending your kid to a cooking class, then this is it. The second class is RockStar Guitar. From the name alone you can tell that this class is going to be all about guitars. When it comes to music, guitar is an extremely important instrument. It does not matter what type of music your kid is interested in, it is highly likely that they will definitely enjoy playing around with a guitar. If you want to your kid to develop strong skills with the guitar, then we highly recommend that you consider sending him to RockStar Guitar for lessons. at last, but not least, let’s check some physical activity at Arte Capoeira Center. Capoeira is a form of martial arts developed in Brazil. To put it simply, it is a form of self-defense technique that incorporates elements of dance acrobatics and music. As the website of Arte Capoeira Center mentions “Capoeira is an excellent activity for kids as it blends discipline and creativity. Not only does it strengthen the whole body, but it also helps kids to develop a wide variety of skills including; flexibility, balance, focus and basic percussion techniques”.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 best kid’s classes under $50 in NYC.

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