10 Best Mathematicians in The World Today

Math is cool and these 10 best mathematicians in the world today should be more respected and be idols for young generations instead of today’s half-naked pop-star or a football player.

I loved math while I was in school and I could have never understood my classmates that couldn’t figure out the simplest tasks and, trust me, there were lots of them. For my whole life, mathematics was an intellectual game that was reinvented each day. You can find equations and new formulas each day and connect everything that you see with numbers and signs.


Pixabay/Public Domain

My favorite game when I was a child was calculating the license plates. It went like this – the first numbers had to have the same results after being calculated as second ones and I could walk through the whole city without even noticing it while I was playing with it. I also remember how I learned division. My grandfather talked me through it in theory and when I went to bed, I started thinking how would I split an apple into 11 equal parts. I know, it was too difficult for a child my age and I didn’t master it, but it was the beginning. After that, I improved my knowledge and all of my teachers were so proud of me. The only thing that brought me down was college. I mastered every task really quickly but the thing that made me fail for 4 times was a theory. The fifth time I asked the professor to let me write everything I knew in my own words and I finally got the passing grade.

But enough about me. While students all around the world hate math and write and publish posts about never getting to use their knowledge, taught adult people are still playing this ridiculous brain games and invent new things each day. Trust me, they don’t do it to torture new generations. The thing that leads them is love towards numbers.

Like the Nobel Prize for lyrics, there are many awards for mathematicians as well. There is the Wolf Prize, Steel Prize, and many more, but one of the most prestigious is the Fields Medal that was also received by a female mathematician in 2014. She was, at the same time, the first female ever that received this medal and every newspaper in the world wrote about it. you know what the most embarrassing thing is? The fact that less than 30% of the whole population read about it.  But now is your chance to make some difference. Here are 10 best mathematicians in the world today.

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