10 Best Places for an American to Find a Wife in the World

Keep reading about the best places for an American to find a wife in the world. Insider Monkey has recently published an interesting article about this topic. If you are an American and would like to find a wife you really should read this article.

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Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three countries from their list.

The first country is Indonesia. Indonesia holds place number on our list of best places for an American to find a wife in the world. Not really surprising, is it? In fact, one thing I found out while writing this article is that most stereotypes on this subject are correct. Given that marriage is a very old concept, “marrying for love” is something that didn’t exist until relatively recent times. Think about it, your great-grandparent’s marriage (or other people’s) probably had little to do with love, and a lot to do with alliances and convenience. It was a deal not between individuals, but families. Yet, the foundation of –what most of America understands as- marriage, goes back way further, to primitive times. The second country is Taiwan. Like anything else you’ve ever imported from Thailand, you’d think these girls are made of cheap plastic, but you’d be wrong. These girls are flesh and blood, and super beautiful. If we went way back in history, we would find that marriage used to be all about security, a survival strategy meant to protect the family and help the children survive; it was an evolutionary device. Lucky for them, passion and love where still considerable factors, and there were not compelled by any written, binding legal contracts… Yet. The last country is Poland. We inaugurate the East-European categories with dear Poland, a place so cold there’s no wondering why some girls would marry an American just to get the hell out of there like in 1939.

For any further interesting information read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 best places for an American to find a wife in the world 

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