10 Best Places to Retire in Colombia

If you are interested in South America, keep reading about the best places to retire in Colombia. You may be thinking of retirement and you don’t know where to go? Do you love sunshine, sea, fantastic meals and good drinks? If yes, you need to just pack your luggage, put your sunglasses and sun lotion into your bag and go to Colombia! Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting facts about his topic. Surely you have heard lots of things in connection with drug cartels, abut it’s all in the past now. The country has high democracy values, protects civil rights and is safer than it used to be.

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Without a shadow of a doubt it has some advantages if you retire in Colombia, for instance you will be only 3-4 hours flight from the US, if you feel homesick. But you can find everything here what you need: mountains, tropical forests, beautiful beaches, deserts. And the costs of living are extremely low. In the 1990s the healthcare was a big problem, but by 2014 this situation was solved.

Now let’s see what we can show you now from Insider Monkey’s list. We have brought three items as usual: Cartagena, Medellin, and Pereira. In Cartagena the IM Score is 10, cost of living index is 39.60 and the hospital to population ratio is 51,136. The weather is very nice with the temperature is 87/91°F, rainy days: 0/31, while sunny days: 0/27. Although this cost of living index isn’t really that high, you should know that Cartagena is the most expensive destination on Insider Monkey’s list. It is a beautiful city located in the Caribbean coast region, and it played a large role as a key port in the Colonial period. Tourism is the biggest contributor to the city’s economy, so you know that there are plenty of amazing things to experience here, from architecture to nature beauties. . In Medellin the IM Score is  13, cost of living index is 34.77 and the hospital to population ratio is 77,000. The weather is very nice with the temperature is 72/77°F, rainy days: 19/31, while sunny days: 0/9. If you have heard any bad things about Medellin, just forget all of them.  Pablo Escobar and drug cartel conflicts are things of the past. Medellin is only looking to the future and it has been labeled as one of the most innovative cities in the whole world. If you are not convinced yet, it is also the best city to live in South America. Medellin is bursting with life on every corner and has numerous cultural attractions including museums, festivals and artistic events. The only thing that may turn you off is the fact that the city is rather crowded and far away from the beach. . In Pereira the IM Score is 14, cost of living index is 35.35 and the hospital to population ratio is 38,421. The weather is very hot with the temperature is 75/80°F, rainy days: 4/31, while sunny days: 0/29. It is located in the coffee producing region of the country and is a part of “Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia” which belongs to UNESCO World Heritage Site list. This made it an attractive touristic destination, but it isn’t the only thing. The city offers numerous other attractions like lakes, open swimming pools, recreational parks and other sites ideal for outdoor activities. We also heard that the nightlife is great.

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