10 Best Places To Retire in Israel

In case you were wondering, when it comes to the Middle East, Israel is the best place to spend your senior years, especially these 10 best places to retire in Israel Insider Monkey researched.

Just because you passed your 30s a long time ago, it doesn’t mean that your adventuristic spirit had to be buried under the ground. After you are done with chasing your career and forming a family, and your kids took over your job of chasing their own careers and forming families on their own, it is about time you take your friend for life and experience some new landscapes and cultures, far away from everyone and everything you were familiar with for the last couple of decades.

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You can take a year off for traveling across the world, you can even skydive, but keep this in mind: no matter how young you feel, you are still a bit older for some non-stoppable activities and your heart might not be that strong for some activities that you might want to experience. On the other hand, you have only one life and we are all going to die eventually. At least, it won’t be for nothing.

But you don’t have to risk your life to feel free again. You can just rent a moving truck, pack your bags and move across the planet to enjoy it. If you have chosen the Middle East as your next destination, you have to know which place is most suitable for you.

Of course, the landscape and monuments are not the most important things when you are deciding on your next destination. For senior citizens, the health and weather conditions, as well as the cost of life in different areas are more important parameters than the restaurants and lakes. Because of that, the research team assigned to this topic took several resources to find all the information needed and, therefore, in the overall Insider Monkey score equation, we have the cost of living index (that was measured by the cost of living index of New York that counts 100.0), the average temperature (because none of us want to spend the rest of their lives in cold place or somewhere where your skin is going to start melting). Then, they took the number of rainy and sunny days into consideration, as well as the hospital to population ration. Let’s face it, you are in the stage where you need a frequent medical consult.
So let’s see the final results for 10 best places to retire in Israel.

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