10 Best Places to Retire in Portugal

If you feel like being a bit adventuristic after your retirement and experiencing the other places, why don’t you check out some of the 10 best places to retire in Portugal? This might come as a surprise, but the demand of moving into some of them is too big, so you might already want to pay some bets!

You are as young as you feel like it. Just because you are done with your job, raised your kids, and maybe even got grandkids, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy life. And it is completely your call how you are going to spend the rest of your life.

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Some people can’t wait for the retirement to spend their whole days around the house, enjoying all the beauties that life has to offer. Some of them decide to turn themselves to their families and be around their grandchildren 24/7. Yes, kids love their grandparents, especially grandmothers that bake cookies all the time and grandfathers with candies in their pockets. But, be honest, those kids might be your pleasure but would spending time with them give you any time to relax? This is why some other people decide to loose it up a bit and basically run away from anything familiar to them. This doesn’t mean that they don’t like their children. It only means that they still love each other.

These people want to feel young again. They want to get back in time when they were just starting their relationship, before any chores regarding house or kids, spending their time without any worries nor scheduling, walking through parks, by the ocean, travelling, visiting other places, creating memories, and remembering why they fall in love in the first place. And that’s completely fine too. You can love your kids as much as you want, but, face it, they don’t want you to move in with them. And don’t be offended by this statement. Did you want your parents or your parents in law to live with you? And don’t say you did, because we all know the truth. Even if you got along fine, there is no way you would be able to stick around in one house for 10 years.

Instead of that, move to a place that would make you young and to feel great about yourself again! Besides, all of these places I am about to present are attractive even for younger generations so they would be delighted to visit you from time to time, trust me on this one.

So, if you feel like making this change, check out these 10 best places to retire in Portugal.

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