10 Best Selling Tequila Brands in the US

Let’s make a list regarding 10 best selling tequila brands in the US.

Tequila is one of the best selling beverages in general. Earlier it was rather characteristic of Mexico, but its use was rapidly spread to other parts of the world as well.


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Tequila isn’t some fancy drinks that is drunk on some special occasion so it is more frequent to be drunk by younger people when going out since it is one of the shot sorts of beverage. It is combined with the salt and lemon for the better taste and the effect

I remember trying tequila shots for the first time. I and my three friends bought it and went to the local park that was a playground for children and a place to hang out for high school students that went to school right next to the park during the day and a place for drinking and partying during the night. Before I continue, I need to say something: I really can’t believe that we ever went there at night and my mother was completely right. Nevertheless, back then, I really didn’t pay that much attention to the surrounding in the park. So, my friends and I bought a bottle of tequila, a few lemons, and small jug of salt and sat down to drink. I had a pocket knife that I always carried around in my bag for protection so we used it to slice the lemon and, of course, after a while we got too lazy and took clear tequila instead. Stupid girls.

One of them threw up blood. The second one couldn’t remember where she lived. The third one was expelled from the dorm. And I… I ended up with my ex. Again. And ended up confessing some things that should have been hidden from everyone, especially him. So, as you can probably assume, I gave up tequila for a while. And the best excuse I had was that it was some bad tequila bottle that should always be avoided.

The next time I choose to drink tequila, I had a much pleasant experience. It was a great party and the night in general, without any incidents or illusions. So, as I already said, the first one was a bad bottle. It is no wonder why some tequila brands are more expensive than the others and why some of them are more frequent to be seen on shelves. Let’s see 10 best selling tequila brands in the US.

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