10 Best Service Dog Breeds For PTSD

Did you know that, if you suffer from PTSD, according to scientists, one of the best therapy is having a dog? Because of it, Insider Monkey created a list of 10 best service dog breeds for PTSD.

It is a shame if you are allergic to dogs because there is no better thing in life than having one around. My dog even slept with me for 8 years and, trust me, there wasn’t a better feeling than waking up next to her.


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Dogs are pretty much very smart and tolerate almost everything. Of course, there are some spots that you should always avoid, even if your puppy is extremely thoughtful and suave. So, avoid pulling their tales. And many of them don’t like when you touch their paws. But, besides that, there are great to be around.

Service dogs are even more special, because of the special training they go through. Although people find vestmented dogs adorable, I personally believe that this is insane. But, who am I to judge? After all, I slept with my dog like it was my baby.

PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is most common among military veterans that went through the war. Being surrounded by all that death and having your friends killed all the time, not to mention the fear for your own life, leaves serious scars in people’s mental and physical health.

There are different types of PTSD that require different therapy: Uncomplicated PTSD, Complex PTSD, Normal Stress Response, Acute Stress Disorder, and Comorbid PTSD. According to the research done by Insider Monkey, around 8% of Americans suffer from PTSD and this number is rapidly growing. The biggest problem that people face is recognizing PTSD and admitting that they have a problem.
PTSD can be even more dangerous than being addicted to drugs and alcohol since stress is worst for people than anything else in the world.

Each military soldier brings some consequences with him after the war. It is either problem with sight, or hearing, seizures, the requirement for mobility assistance, diabetic alerts etc. It is no wonder why the majority of them turn to dogs eventually. These service dogs are not only trained to calm down their owners, but they are also trained to help them go through life. To pick the right dog, you always need to consider the ones with good temperament and obedience.

Insider Monkey took a look at several websites that also covered this topic and the final result is here: 10 best service dog breeds for PTSD.

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