10 Best Spies in Movies

Are you a big fan of spy movies, and do you want to know more about 10 best spies in movies? The spy genre became popular after World War 2 because, in the post-war period, the governments of many countries began to invest a lot of money in the secret services sector to secure national security from different kinds of threats.

Spies are an eternal inspiration for more than 100 years. The key reason is the perfect relationship between known and unknown information. By their nature, their activities are secret, but we all know they exist. We are aware they are around here, but we do not are aware of their identity. In this vast space between what is known and what we will never find out there are innumerable possibilities of loading, reading, fabricating and analyzing. After a major break at the end of the Cold War, spying again became “sexy.” After Snowden, we certainly know that spying opportunities are all around us. The device on which you are reading this can be used as a source of information. Mobile and Internet operators allow services to access their users’ data. One of the best spies movies is Bourne Identity. Remember handsome Matt Damon in this movie? The Bourne Identity is action spy movie from the 2002 year. The lead role is Matt Damon, and he was born for this one. Another one is famous James Bond. Tomorrow Never Dies the eighteenth spy movie from James Bond series. The lead role belongs to excellent actor Pierce Brosnan, which is his second role as a James Bond. Today we can say that spying is easier than ever. First, in the age of democracy spying is not very punitive. Earlier, anyone was killed for any small indication of spying, and today, with substantial evidence, the sentences are quite minor. Plus, information technology is the right place for spies. It is only enough to acquire special software, and it can intercept communications via mobile phones, the Internet, computers, and other devices. And not only that, but everyone can follow each other’s movements. Previously, the means of information and messages were intercepted, but the senders were ready in advance and encrypted them, until now somehow people are not even aware of the dangers of new technologies.

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