10 Best Stock Photo Sites For Bloggers

Looking for the best pictures that will attract more readers to your blog? Stick with me because I have here 10 best stock photo sites for bloggers that will definitely make your blog more appealing and enjoyable.
The blogging trend seems to be taking over the Internet and, according to the statistics from Technorati, every 7.4 seconds there is a new blog popping up, which is about 11,600 each day. According to this, by the end of the each year, there are 745,000 posts
I am not the expert for blogs, but even I know, as a reader, that the nicer the blog looks, the more readers it will have. For example, I love reading and I can spend the whole month just sitting in my bed and reading different books. But, when it comes to online reading, as soon as I see the full 2000-word page with just text and nothing else by that, I immediately get bored and switch to another blog, which is shame because there are many experienced bloggers that actually have something important to say and from who we can all learn a lot, but they just don’t get enough readers because, at the first sight, their blog looks boring.

Pixabay/Public Domain

As you can see, even I have an image on my post, even though I sometimes don’t have something important to say. But I know how this works, just because I am sometimes on the other side of the site. But the problem is finding the right stock photo site, especially because some of them are charging for each picture you download and you cannot take it without either paying or being sued. For example, I am using Pixabay for every post. The first reason is that all images are free and, the second, more important one is that their base is very large and there are many choices for each post of mine every time I type some keywords.

But, some of the stock sites that charge you for downloading their images don’t have enough images that can help you improve your site and you have to go through other ones to find the one that fits the best. Another problem is, what if your blog doesn’t launch right and you already paid that much money? But what if I told you that, the list that Insider Monkey published contains both top 5 paid and top 5 free stock photo sites? So, before you start beating your head against the wall because you spent the entire night writing and sharing your blog on every social network that you can remember of, go through the Insider Monkey’s 10 best stock photo sites for bloggers and find the right fit for you.

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