10 Best Tinder Bio Examples for Newly Single Moms

If you are just get divorced, but yet you want to meet someone, you are at the right place as we have come up with a new list of the best Tinder bio examples for newly single moms.

Being a mother is a wonderful thing, but still very tiring and exhausting. Especially it is when you just newly got divorced, and you have to learn how to lead your life without your spouse. You have an everyday struggle with managing your time, being an excellent mom, and yet remaining an attractive woman. You don’t need to be alone even if you are a mother, since everybody needs the companionship of the opposit sex.

But as you lived in a relationship with your partner, you can feel a little rusty according to having dates. You may not know how and where to meet someone, or if you meet what to say. Well, the good news is that there are plenty of online dating sites and apps, where you don’t need to make too many efforts, just you have to swipe right or left. Tinder is one of the best online dating sites, so if you haven’t registered yet, it’s high time for you to do so.

But how does Tinder work? Well, this app matches two people together with a photo and a bio, and you only need to swipe right if you like the other one. If you don’t, you just swipe left and this discreat app allows you to make a negative decision without hurting the other’s feelings. The other advantage of this app is you don’t have to spend time with searching people by your common interests, the app does it itself.

After a long relationship, as a newly single mome you can feel lonely, and left with your everyday problems alone, and you may read books about self-improvement on Friday nights. At first, you really have to overcome all your offences you got during your previous relationship of course, but later on you have to take the first step to make your life better. And what should make your everyday life better than meeting someone special, dating him and enjoy yourself?

Naturally everything is much more dificult when you have kids, and sometimes it’s a hard task to find some time to date someone. Your kids are always on the first place, and you try to be a good mom and an attractive woman at the same time. Therefore you have to skip long dates (at least at the beginning), when you walk in the night hand in hand, and drink wine until the sun rises. Instead, having a coffee somewhere, and having shorter dates are preferable. Later on if you two decide you can visit zoos for example, and your kids will enjoy the dates too. If you follow these simple steps, your kids will feel that they are still the most beloved and most important ones in your life.

And if you are gentleman, what should you know about dating a single mom? Well, don’t play games with her, don’t want to meet her kids, if you want nothing from her. You should also know that her kids are the most important ones in her life, so forget the drunk mornings, and getaway weekends, and don’t want to be “the dad”. If you are ready to meet a single mom, you need to be patient, but the relationship will be worth every effort you make.


Now, without a further ado, let’s see the list of the best Tinder bio examples for newly single moms. 

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10. Let me bitch at you every day until you sort your shit out.

Huhh, she’s a little bit too… much.


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9. You should message me if…

You don’t mind never being a priority. EVER.

You prefer your coitus infrequent and interrupted.

You’re bored with having a social life anyway.

Very honest, very purposeful. All the cards on the table.

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8. I don’t say it, but I totally think it: I have to pay a babysitter $9 an hour, so please don’t waste my time asking me on a lame date.

As the saying claims, time is money. Don’t waste anybody’s time.

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7. Please don’t send me any photos of yourself that you wouldn’t send your mom. I share my phone with my kids.

The first good impression is the most important one.

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6. Let’s get pizza.

This line is a good one for everybody.

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5. Just got out of a bad decision. Let’s make some more?

We are half way through our list of the best Tinder bios examples for newly single moms. Just make a good decision for this time.

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4. What am I doing with my life?

Which life? I have two.

In the first, I’m a professional woman who wears ambitious clothes and takes no crap. 

In the second, I not only take a lot of crap but frequently wear it too.

This is a frank confession of a working woman.


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3. If I were being honest, I’d say ‘I’m still breastfeeding, so my boobs are not usually this big.

A little bit too honest, but never mind.

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2. The first things people usually notice about me?

My back, as I chase after a toddler.

Then give her a second chance.

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1. Here is the truth I don’t put in my profile: Winning me over will be easy; winning over my 4-year-old? Good freaking luck.

This is a real challenge, isn’t it?

Well, this was our list of the best Tinder bio examples for newly single moms, we can advice you to put everything aside a little bit, and try one of these bios. Who knows? They may bring you good luck.

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