10 Best Tinder Bios for Tall Guys

If you are on Tinder and want to get a partner, it’s not enough you are tall and good looking, but you need some good bios, so check out our list of  the best tinder bios for tall guys – use one of them and the girls will swipe right.

Long ago people could meet at balls and special events, later in movies, discos, and nowadays here’s the digital world, where you just sign up in a site or app, and you can choose among lots of girls, women. In the 21st century the task of a man isn’t any easier as many times there is no personal contact, just a profile, with some photos and couple of lines which are written to catch the ladies’ attention. Therefore you would really need some good bios to use on Tinder, right? What should it be like? Well, short, brief and witty. Not too impertinent, not too overfamilier, and you had better not reveal too much intimate information – or if so – it should be mysterious a little. Don’t forget you don’t want to discourage girls to swipe right, quite to the contrary you want to meet them. Generally women like tall men, but at least the guy should be taller than the woman.

Finally, let’s check out some rules that are valid for everyone, no matter if you are female, male, young or older a bit, tall or short, blond or black-haired. At first you will need a full-frontal picture of your face, because you will seem to make an eye contact with the other person, and it’s very attractive and basis of the non-verbal communication. What’s more you will appear opened and true. Then, you should list your education and job – and don’t try to tell lies, because lies aren’t sexy. So, are you ready? If so, come with us – and

check out together the best Tinder bios for tall guys. You will surely like some of them, but if not, read Insider Monkey’s whole list article about it. So the top ten bios are:

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10. I’m  6 ft – perfect big spoon.

It’s romantic and kind.

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9. I’m six-foot-six and EVERYTHING is in proportion.

Sounds witty, right?

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8. I’m 6’4″ lying down.

Too much information. Keep some secrets for yourself and your future partner.

Pixabay/Public domain

7. Hi, I’m tall as well. 

If you like tall girls, this will be the best for you.


Pixabay/Public domain

6. I’m searching for a fellow giraffe!

Finally, here’s a nice one and this bio isn’t about measurements.


Pixabay/Public domain

5. I’m 6’7″ standing up, and 6′ laying down…

We are half way on our list of the best Tinder bios for tall guys. Nevertheless it says a little bit too much about himself. 


Pixabay/Public domain

4. I’m 6′ 9″… They are separate measurements.

Interesting data from a completely foreigner, maybe a little bit more than you would want for the first reading.


Pixabay/Public domain

3. I’m six feet, 6’6 in heels, and 8’4 in stills.

Short and witty – maybe this will bring you some luck.


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2. The best part about being this tall is that it is easy to see cute girls like you in a crowd.

Does it really work? Well, ok – it depends on who says it.

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1. I’m six-foot-five, but I’d like to be six feet under you.

It seems to be very effective if it has got the first place on the list of the  best tinder bios for tall guys. Perhaps one of them will work for you, too – so why don’t you try it?

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