10 Best US Cities for One Night Stands

If you are open-minded and don’t mind having spicy and hot love affairs, then follow our list of  best US cities for one night stands. Insider Monkey have investigated all the necessary data and informations for you, so you don’t need to do anything but to lean back in your armchair comfortably and check out what Insider Monkey have come up with.
About 70% of Americans confessed that they have already had one night stands, so there’s nothing new under the sun concerning love affairs. You won’t find it very difficult to find someone for a hot and sweet night in the USA, but the arresting fact is, that the leader countries in one night stands are in Europe, where promiscuity is rather an accepted thing. Here in Europe, 40% men and 50% women go to nightclubs (which was a very, very surprising statistics for me) with the decision (or hope) of getting some experiences in the field of one night stands. One night stands can be invisible in big cities, but if you live in a town or a village, it’s not the best idea as in these places people know everything about each other.  Everybody knows how much people like gossipping, especially if the main topic is  others’ sexual life. You can find explanations and principles alongside and against promiscuity, we are not out to discuss all of them. It’s up to you whether you want to get involved in one night stands or not. But if you like spicy nights with a completely foreigner and then forget them for all – well, this list will be for you.
Many of you say that it means some kind of exciting game in hunting someone at night in a bar than having a sweet, one night stand. Many of you claim quite the opposit, saying faithfulnessm and a contstant partnership are the most important parts of life. Well, either way all of us like the hot feeling, when we meet somebody with whom the “chemistry” works.
Withour a further ado, let’s check out what Insider Monkey have investigated for us again about the  best US cities for one night stands.
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10. Portland, Oregon

This is the first city on our list now, with its population of 667,589. You can find several nude beaches as well in this city, where you can take a look at the “offer”, as Portlandians are quite liberal and open-minded.


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9. Boston, Massachusetts

One out of eight men would like sex on the frist date, and quarter of women aren’t satisfied with their dating lives, therefore we can say that citizens of Boston like one night stands.


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8. Denver, Colorado

The 732,144 people who live here are very open-minded and don’t mind promiscuity.


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7. Seattle, Washington

Seattle’s population is around  766,893, and it’s one of the three best cities to find a single rich man/woman so there are lot of events where you can find easy affaiers.

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6. San Francisco, California

The population of this city is 897,536. The inhabitants are very liberal here, so if you want to have exciting and hot nights, come here.


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5. Austin, Texas

We are half way on our list of best US cities for one night stands, we show you Austin with its population of 1,001,104 and withs its interesting statisstics: this city has the highest condom sales rates in the country.
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4. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is the fourth on our list now, with its population of 1,565,929. People are pretty opened for a one night stand here as statistics show us.


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3. Houston, Texas

Houston is a big city with a population of 2,359,480. If you want to have a light and easygoing affair, this city is the best for you.

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2. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago has a population of 2,679,044 and it got the second place on our list now. Casual sex is very popular in this city, and here’s an interesting fact: about ten years ago a student started a sex website for other students in order that they can find sex partners easier.

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1. New York City, New York

New York has a population of  8,601,186 and we can say that this is the city that never sleeps. You can find everything you want both day and night. This city city has the most one night stands as 64% percent of the inhabitants claim they have already had at least once. Therefore we can say that new yorkers are really easygoing, and and can be pursuaded to have an exciting an easy love affair.

This was our list of the 10 best US cities for one night stands.

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