10 Biggest Advertising Agencies in the US

Marketing is everything and these are 10 biggest advertising agencies in the US that recognized its potential since the beginning!

All of these agencies are among the top 20 advertising agencies globally, while 5 out of 10 are ranked among the top 10.


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Every business starts with the advertising. Yes, you can open an office, hire experts, have all the paperwork done, have the best material and service, but what is it worth if you don’t have an ad? Even the flyers and pictures on your office are some kind of advertising that is supposed to attract people into deciding to take your service.

The biggest advertising agencies in the world understood it. They understood the need of people to make their business start. They understood the need of people to make their business grow. And, most importantly, they understood the audience and their desires. And understanding the target audience is already more than a half work done!

While many industries are bragging about the worldwide reach, the advertising industry is the one that is pulling almost all strings. If it weren’t for it, the majority of fashion designers would die out. The selling industry would fall apart. Even the technology wouldn’t be that respected! And, although the advertising industry is depending on one branch of the Internet, the question is how big the influence of the Internet would be if there wasn’t the advertising. Think about it, how much would you be interested and in demand of having the Internet in your home? Or how else would you choose your Internet provider? Yes, they have their offers and services, but who made it along with developers? All the prospects you get from them are made by some advertising agency. All of these packages are marketed on television as well. Even on the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.  And no matter how much we all swear when the commercial block starts while we are watching our favorite shows, just remember, your profession also depends on them. Don’t kid yourself. It really does. No matter what your profession is, when you start putting the bricks together, you will see it. And you will see the difference that would exist if there weren’t for advertisers.

When it comes to the US, Insider Monkey did a bit of a research and found out the 10 biggest advertising agencies in the US. So check them out and see what they all have in common and which one is the best to be used by you if needed.

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