10 Biggest Causes of Suicide in America: Poverty, Bullying, Mental Illness

Today, I want to discuss some serious topic and that are 10 biggest causes of suicide in America: poverty, bullying, mental illness, traumatic experiences, low self-esteem, the death of a loved one, guilt, and a drug addiction and hope that we could all together find the way to prevent it from happening again.

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the most frequent age of suicidal people is 13, 23 per 100,000 individuals. Their statistics also show that there are approximately 121 suicides per a day, which means that every state faces at least 2 suicides per a day. Ranking the causes of that, statisticians came to the conclusion that suicide is the 10th ranked cause of death in America and that it is more frequent with men, especially middle-aged ones.

Suicides are mostly done by jumping from the buildings, hangings, or drinking the whole bottle of pills, which are really brutal ways of ending your life. Although people think that it would be easier for them on the other side, many of them don’t think about the consequences their close family and friends will face after they realize what had happened. First of all, they will blame themselves for not realizing what is going on, and the worst case scenario could be ending their own life, as I mentioned in the first paragraph. Sometimes, the grief and the guilt are so strong that people just give up. They don’t see the purpose of themselves and don’t want to live without waking up next to their loved ones. This makes them do the same thing the other people did and it is like the circle. At the end of the day, no one got anything good out of it and at least two lives were shut down.


The other most frequent cause of suicide is the poverty. According to the Psych Central, poverty is most frequent among people older than 20, when they are already supposed to be independent people with their own incomes and responsibilities. Those are usually people with the annual incomes lower than $20,000, but it isn’t rare even for the rich people who start losing their money to lose their life as well. Some of them are committing a suicide because they can’t hold the pressure anymore and the other ones are just trying to do a fraud and make insurance companies pay off their family and help them get out of debts.

Some people, on the other hand, commit suicide because they can’t stand looking themselves in a mirror after some traumatized experience. It can be PTSD, depression, helplessness, and even bullying, raping, and kidnapping. Suicide caused by bullying is most frequent among teenagers, which is why this period is very stressful for their parents as well. You don’t know what things child is dealing with in school and most of them refuse to talk about it, covering it up, until is too late. Unfortunately, there is no coming back.

And speaking of it, the most frequent cause is the mental illness, especially bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and, as I already mentioned anxiety and depression. So why don’t you take a look at 10 biggest causes of suicide in America: poverty, bullying, mental illness, the article done my Insider Monkey, take a look at all statistics, and help us all find the solution together. Maybe not for you, but for your children, spouses, parents, relatives, neighbors, high school friends, colleagues, people who you don’t even know, but they need all of the help they can get from you and me and the whole world!

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