10 Biggest Companies that Support Trump

When the election campaigns started, the US citizens already had their doubts about the new presidential arrival. According to many of them, they had to choose between two evils but since they already had gaps in the past with Clinton family and didn’t want to repeat the future and, on the other hand, the country’s darlings, the Obama family, had to leave the throne, they choose Trump as their new leader. But even though those people are publicly humiliating and talking against the new president, there were the ones supporting his campaign since the beginning. Today’s topic that I want to cover is the one concerning 10 biggest companies that support Trump, but also 10 biggest companies that do not support Trump, just for comparison.

Even during the elections, Trump announced some drastic measures, especially when it comes to immigrants. He threatened to start with ethnic cleansing by eradicating all the Hispanic people out of the country and building a high wall between the US and Mexico. Does this remind you of someone? Dark hair, square mustache, Swastika? Just saying.

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But no matter which president takes the country’s throne, all the big companies have to adjust their working ethics and management plans in order to get some benefits from the government and prevent themselves to be shut down. Every new government comes with the different concerns and the different plans to improve the economy and the whole picture of the country, which mostly affects private manufacturers and different industry owners.

But, since Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka were already in a retail industry for several years, they had the support of many retail companies since the beginning of the Trump’s presidential campaign. Just for reminders, Trump was lucky enough to be born and raised in a wealthy family with plenty of business experience. After he inherited the stocks, money, and real estates, he decided to try and raise his own empire, which eventually included his family members in business and management plans. The Trump family became one of the leader sellers of women’s fashion collections, menswear, wines, vodka, home items, owners of hotel and shop chains, which gave them the advantage when it came to the latest elections, especially among the billion dollar worth voters. As soon as the elections started, Trump already had some big names such as Peter Thiel behind him. But his biggest supporters were always the few billion dollars worth retail companies.

On the other hand, after Trump announced his big ethnic cleansing, 97 big companies immediately formed the oppositions against the new administration. Since Trump is known for going against social media in the first place, as you might already assume, the majority of these 97 companies is compiled of tech-oriented manufacturers.

For more detailed information, Insider Monkey’s team compiled lists of 10 biggest companies that support Trump and 10 biggest companies that do not support Trump and ranked them by the revenue. So click on these links if you want to find out more specifics.

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