10 Biggest Constructions Projects in the World

Constructions industry plays a big role in people’s lives and, while some of the constructions are meant for a certain purpose, there are also the ones that are not used for any specific cause, but still, represent the great mark of some place and these are 10 biggest constructions projects in the world.

There is no person in this world that went to Paris, France and didn’t capture their presents with making some gesture in front of the Eifel Tower. Although the rest of us get a nervous breakdown whenever we run into those photos on some social network, they still do it as some kind of tradition. The only thing that changes is the way they take a photo, but still, it seems to me that there are only two ways to get a picture in front of the Eifel Tower. You will either kiss your date in front of it or you will put your leg up in the air and act like you kicked it. Just for the record, believe it or not, you are not either the first nor the last person to do it this way, so don’t act to special but try being a bit more unique next time.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Although Eifel Tower represents the highlight of construction projects and, let’s face it, one of the most affordable to visit, it turns out that there are even better construction projects that will always put the Eifel Tower in a shadow.

When we talk about the construction, we don’t only mean towers, houses, and buildings for living and business. We are talking about the infrastructure in general. There are bridges, temples, highways, tunnels, railways, airports, stadiums, and hotels.

Each one from the list had a lot of money invested in building and now maintenance and there is no wonder why these 10 got their place on the list of 10 biggest constructions projects in the world. But finding them was not an as easy job as it seems. Besides consulting Quora, World Atlas, Dienamics, BBC, and Popular Mechanic as main sources that already made similar lists on their own, Insider Monkey’s team took a bit deeper search for more detailed information and the easier ranking. So let’s see the results of their research by clicking on the 10 biggest constructions projects in the world and see what the mankind is actually capable of making.

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