10 Biggest Deepest Holes in the World

Are you addicted to adrenaline? If so, there are 10 biggest deepest holes in the world that won’t just increase your level of adrenaline, but make your heart stop as well.

I am very afraid of heights. And we are not talking about a couple of meters. We are talking about one meter. I even have an irrational fear when I go down the stairs. If there is not anything to be held for, I always lose the course and start shaking. The worst part is that my feet become jello and I really become clumsy which can really bring to the serious consequences.

Pixabay/Public Domain

I believe that my fear comes from the fall that I survived when I was around 4. I was living in an apartment that had 16 stairs between floors. I wanted to be independent since I was a kid and my parents and grandparents always supported me. Of course, they always required some measures of concusions so I had to let them hold my shirt when I walked down the stairs.
But there was one time that really got me scared. Both me and my grandmother. I wanted to bring my two Smurfs with me when I went outside and held one opened bag of candies in my hands as well. In situations like this, I always had to give everything to adults to carry or put something in one hand, while I would give the other hand to someone who came with me. But no, I was stubborn as hell so I decided to struggle with my grandmother in the middle of those stairs to let me go. Of course, candies ended by being spiled down the stairs. I slipped and since there was no one holding my hand, I fell down 7 stairs like a roll. As if this wasn’t scary enough, I wore glasses so my grandmother got afraid that the glass broke and cut my face. Since then, I can’t be anywhere up without having something or someone to hold for.

But some people love risks and some people love visiting those scary places like deep wholes, high mountains etc. I get it. The feeling of independence and bravery. Who can blame them? I just don’t want anyone pushing me to do it. But if you are up to it, let’s find out more about 10 biggest deepest holes in the world that Insider Monkey recently discovered and wrote about.

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