10 Biggest Hidden Treasures Ever Found in the World

Hey, are you ready for some expedition? Let’s take a map to locate that famous X to start digging in. just kidding, it is too hot outside for it and either way it wouldn’t remain in our possession. Like always, the government will pronounce that it is the national treasure and all that effort would be for nothing. Instead, let’s read about other people’s accomplishments in this field and I have here the perfect article for that: 10 biggest hidden treasures ever found in the world.

You would be surprised how many too exposed and obvious spots contain some buried treasures underneath the ground.  Some of them will probably remain them for at least a century more, and some of them will be discovered as soon as the new mall starts being built.

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The list that I run into at Insider Monkey contains only the treasure measured in gold and golden jewelry, but even the source of petroleum that is in most cases discovered by people after they buy a new land and start building a house in the yard is considered the treasure. But, as I said earlier, the topic that I am about to cover is only considering golden treasure buried without any written records of their existence. The list contains the treasure estimated to worth more than million dollars, but the ones that I am literally astonished by are the ones accidentally discovered by amateurs.

You see, when some archeologist stars his/her expedition, he or she usually look at the most obvious places. Those places can be near the spots when some civilization lived, or where is most likely that they buried their treasures after being attracted.

But imagine losing your hammer and, instead of finding it, you end up with Roman jewelry, gold, silver spoons, and coins, with the total worth of $4 million. This actually happened to a British farmer Peter Whatling, who wasn’t even aware of the value these items have when he found them. As always, after finding out what is it in his possession, Peter wasn’t allowed to keep these items. Today, those items can be seen at the British Museum that acquired them in 1994 and Peter Whatling will always remain the discoverer of the Hoxne Hoard and nothing more than that.

This is not the lonely case of archeologists amateurs finding the valuable items and most frequent cases are discoveries by construction workers and people renovating their houses and back yards. Speaking of discoveries by construction workers, 20 years ago, and these men found $120 million worth treasure after renovating on of the old buildings in Poland. Actually, they only found one vase full of coins, but no more than 10 years later, there was another discovery in this field that contained a lot more coins, gold, jewelry, and even the unique crown.

If this topic intrigues enough, here is the whole list of 10 biggest hidden treasures ever found in the world

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