10 Biggest Influencers in History

Who were the 10 biggest influencers in history and how did they help the humanity?

What it takes to be the influencer? Who do you need to be? Is the money all that matters? No. Everyone’s name can be found on this list one day. Everyone who made the world’s course changed. You can be the doctor, you can be a scientist, you can be a regular teacher. You can even be a cashier who thinks fast and thinks wide.


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The school is an institution where we are taught by people who specialized in some subject about the things that have already been discovered and try out different experiments to prove those theories. The problem in the majority of schools is that they are all trying to prove to the wider crowd that they are meant to teach us how to think with our own heads but they are just making us remember everything that will vanish after a day instead.

Instead of putting some ideas in our heads that we would work out by ourselves and think about it when we come home, they are turning the whole school system upside down and just give us material to memorize. During my school years I only had 2 teachers who made us think like this. One of them was a math teacher in primary school that explained how things worked and gave us assignments for one year upfront. Those assignments weren’t graded and no one made you do them. She wouldn’t call anyone stupid or incapable. She just wanted us to try it. Of course, she would explain the solution one day after but she just wanted us to try it on our own.

The other one was our professor of literature in high school that respected everyone’s opinion about some piece. She always started some lesson by explaining the life of the writer and the time he or she lived in so that we would have the full picture about it and try to analyze on our own why he wrote like that and about that.

I respect those two women a lot, especially since I had around 40 teachers in my life and they were the only ones who did their jobs right. Because of that way of teaching children, we grow up as robots. It is as we were coded and someone just types down some information and presses enter at the end.

But not everyone has always been like this. Look at top 10 biggest influencers in history and learn much more than you would in school.

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