10 Biggest Influencers in the Construction Industry

How are the 10 biggest influencers in the construction industry and what exactly did they do to earn this title? Stick with me to find out.

Construction industry plays a big role on a global level. When we say ’’construction’’, we are taking many fields into consideration. There are a house and office buildings, road paving, bridges, painting, but also the repair and renewing old constructions as well as the demolition. If there weren’t for construction workers, we would still live in hand-made houses of mud and walk on rocky roads. So, even without any specific name mentioned, you can see how important this industry is. It is meant for improving our infrastructure and the living condition in general.

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But, besides developing the world in that one sense, construction industry also has a big role in the economic increase. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ database, the number of employees in this industry is the fastest-increasing among all. According to their site, each year, the number of employees in this area is increased by around 13%. And, with the all technological development, it is assumed to be a lot more developed in the future.

Nowadays, there are machines doing a lot of hard work instead of people, which makes it a lot easier for them to handle everything, but also gives a lot more positive feedbacks and a lot less need for reparation. These machines are cutting the time for some job at least in half, if not even more and not to mention the more precise and effective way of work.

The most bizarre example of all: when I and my husband started renovating the floor, we knew that it would be much more than two of us can handle by ourselves. Still, we decided to start on our own and we didn’t even consider hiring construction workers. But, as soon as we bought all the necessary material, we realized that we are not that well equipped. As it turned out, having a hammer and a screwdriver in your house isn’t enough for renovating the room. Of course, this would be necessary now and who knows when, so there was no need for us to buy all of it. We borrowed some things from other people, but when we had to mix the cement, we realized that there is at least one machine that we need to give money for or we would have to mix everything with a shovel. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only problem that we faced, which is why we had to accept the help from more experienced people who actually get paid for this, unlike us.

But there are people who spent their whole lives on improving the construction industry and innovating it all over again. To see the biggest names in the construction industry, click on 10 biggest influencers in the construction industry by Insider Monkey.

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