10 Biggest Issues Facing America in 2020

Year by year America has to face with severe problems, so it’s time for us to come up with a list of  biggest issues facing America in 2020. Insider Monkey have created a great list, as usual. America should really make the first steps to solve these issues for all. THe United Sates of America has always had its social, economical and political issues; it has always had to struggle with problems and conflicts. but the most astounding characteristic of it is that it has always emerged victorious, accruing resilience and experience to take future obstacles head-on.

We could see almost everything in the history of the US. civil war, great depression, poltical maelstrom (that has the populace devided), or slavery (the disgusting humiliation of human being). Even in modern times we have to recognize that modern slavory does still exist and racism still shouts into the deaf ears of modern man. We cannot emphasize enough that racism still takes tolls, we cannot do enough against it! In the near past we could see throughout America, as Mahatma Gandhi said: “the principle of eye for an eye will make everybody blind”…

All in all, America has managed to be one of the biggest superpowers in the world,  but it is still not immune to some of the consequences these issues have brought with them. Therefore it’s time to discuss the list of the biggest issues facing America in 2020. So come with us, and check out Insider Monkey’s compilaton!


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10. Racism – 3%

America has completed a long way as for the racism, but in the near past we could see that was not enough. What’s more perhaps racism is stronger than ever. I think everybody has had time nowadays to think it over, and everybody may have learned what to do and what not to do. What is sure, America will still have to pass a long way until it can say there is no racism there.

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9. Iraq / Isis / Fear of War – 4%

We don’t have to fear from Isis any more, but there are always threats of wars breaking out throughout the whole world. This issue emerges every couple year or so.  It started with the Bush administration in 2003 and has not ended. Justly, people are annoyed and upset about it. The Iraq Body Count Project says about 200, 000 people have died in the war. But nearly every estimate out there on Iraq casualties are disputed.

8.  Lack of Respect for each other – 4%

I think this is one of the biggest issues in the world now. People seem to lack of respect for each other completely, it can be seen pn every social medium. There are huge debates, anger, bullying and humiliating the other just because they don’t agree.

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7. Environment – 4%

This year we could see something very strange, frightening but edifying: as nations had to stay at home, nobody could go anywhere, industries, plants and factories stopped working – our planet could breathe again. Who would have thought at the beginning of the year that we can see our planet blooming – while mankind fading? We could, we had to see, we had to recognize that without mankind the planet is healthier.

6. Moral/Ethical/Religious Decline – 5%

There is a really worrying phenomena we can experience in the world (not only in the US) – moral, ethical and religious decline. Many of my ateist friends claim, that it would be much better if all kind of religion distincted from the world, but  it would lead a totally secular society, which would be lack of many values that religions represent and give to the world.


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5. Unifying the Country – 5%

We are half way on our list of the biggest issues facing America in 2020.  The world could see that the 2016 election divided tha nation, one half wanted Clinton to be the president again, while the other half supported Trump. The fight between the Democrats and the Republicans has never been so blatantly outright that even after 1.5 years of Trump being elected, the fissure between the two groups has shown no signs of shrinking.

4. Poverty/Homelessness – 5%

Unfortunately poverty and homelessness are evergreen issues in the history of America. There are so much to be done until it can be solved.

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3. Healthcare – 6%

Healthcare is an issue that is often escorted with lots af debate, and the solution is so far – still.

2. Immigration – 6%

According to Insider Monkey, in 2016 1,49 million foreigners moved to the United Sates. The new administration has made particularly strict acts against illegal immigrants.

1. Dissatisfaction with the Government – 28%

As I mentioned above, the election in 2016 devided the nation, as it was pretty controversial. The dissatisfaction has increased since then. This was our compilation of the biggest issue facing America in 2020.

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