10 Biggest One Hit Wonders

A number of different bands and artists manage to go on the top of the music charts through their one song that the entire country gets easily stuck into their heads. So, gaining a 2nd or 3rd hit song is usually a rare case. For every Rolling Stones or Madonna, there are some musicians such as Norman Greenbaum and different music groups including Dexys Midnight Runners, etc who remained on the top of the charts for once and did appear again. Yes, here we are going to talk about different biggest one-hit wonders. Although, they failed to give 2nd or 3rd hit but this doe not mean that their songs are not legendary. One-hit wonders, according to my opinion are worthy to celebrate. Therefore, for honoring such artists who have captured the light in the bottle, we scrolled through the 1950s to the 2000s for finding out the best one hit wonders. Basically, I am writing this post after checking out the list of songs that were biggest one hit wonders shared by Insider Monkey. 

The first one on the list is “Informer”. Darrin Kenneth O’Brien released “Informer” in 1992 which remained on the top of music charts for around 19 weeks. The Canada-based reggae rapper has also added this single to the Guinness Book of World Record. His later songs did not match the level of fame got by this one hit wonder. Therefore, the singer planned to devote himself to charity work. There are around 15 million views on his YouTube video of this song.  “Here Comes the Hotstepper” is 2nd one on our list which remained for 23 weeks on the music charts. This single was sung by Ini Kamoze in the year 1994. This song was different from his other songs and style of music which proved that introducing change is a necessary part of life. The Youtube video of this song has more than 24 million views. Next on the list is “Butterfly” which was released in 2000 by Crazy Town band. This hit has remained on the top of music charts for approximately 18 weeks. The lyrics were written by Seth Binzer who is the lead singer. This video gains more than 136 million views on YouTube. 

These are just 3 from the list of 10, for checking out the rest one hit wonders, please read 20 Biggest One Hit Wonders of All Time.

10 biggest one hit wonders

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