10 Biggest Philanthropists Who Give to Individuals

If you would have more money and your influence than other people, would you be among biggest philanthropists who give to individuals? Or would you rather keep everything you have just for yourself?

The problem is that we became shameless. When people offer us a finger, we end up requiring a whole hand. We are offered a help and we require someone doing everything instead of us.


Pixabay/Public Domain

Some poor people are begging on the street claiming that no one is willing to hire them. That is usually true since everyone is looking for a good image and dirty and smelly employee doesn’t give that impression. But sometimes, some employer decides to give them the opportunity. I recently read in a newspaper a column about a guy that owns a company. The company is still at the start but he invested enough so that he now has a decent number of employees and can afford to hire one more. There were some protests in a city he lived in about the financial crisis and the lack of job openings. He went through the crowd and picked one random young guy. He approached him and gave him his business card with his number and said to the guy to get into his office in the morning to talk about business. A guy came right before the end of the working hours since he was sleeping until the late noon and, instead of taking the chance and getting the job, he refused the job that was offered on a plate to him because the shifts started early in the morning and the salary was low because he would be just a beginner. Of course, his salary would rise after he proved that he was worth it but he said that he is worth more than working for a minimum wage. As I said, shameless people.

As you can see, there are still people who care and people who don’t expect anything in return. They are satisfied by knowing that they were able to help someone else and give them something they needed. Does it always payback? Of course not. Some people are grateful enough to at least say thank you and offer some different kind of help, depending on their possibilities while others are just taking everything that they are given and move on with their lives. But those people don’t care. Those are 10 biggest philanthropists who give to individuals and don’t expect anything in return.

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