10 Biggest Questions in Science

Today we are going to learn about the 10 biggest questions in science. Insider Monkey has recently published a very arresting article about this issue. We don’t need to be time-travelers to see the huge changes that happened in science in the last decades. What were only the creatures of the human imagination even thirty years ago, now we have all these things and even more. All the things we use, are the results of science and technology, and we, ordinary mortals can’t understand how they work, we just use them – and that’s all. As for the sciences, we have lots of subjects at schools, such as biology, chemistry, psychics, math, and some of them are interesting for us, while others are not. And couple of years after finishing the schools, we can’t remember anything.

And now, without a further ado, let’s see some of the exciting science questions. At first, here ‘s “How do we get more energy from the sun?” Actually, we already use the solar energy, but we can do even more, as scientists research if they can split the energy into oxygen and hydrogen, which would help us to solve our problem of dwindling fossil supply. Another question is dreaming. Have your ever wondered why we dream? There are many theories, but non of them are universally accepted. For example Freud says your dreams show you what you couldn’t fulfill during the day. Also interesting, if you can remember your dreams or not. For example I have always remembered my dreams, what’s more I can remember what I dreamed even 10 years ago. But nowadays strangely, when I wake up, I can’t remember anything. Other interesting question is if there are other universes. Lots of people argue  if there is a multiverse, and now there are evidences that there do exist other universes. The question is if there are living, intelligent creatures out there.  Scientists are turning to the idea of a multiverse to explain other versions of our universe. For more questions please click and jump to the list of the biggest questions in science.

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