10 Biggest Socially Irresponsible Companies In America

A man would say that social responsibility and involvement in human resources and foundations are the concretes of the big companies’ growth and respect among customers but there are 10 biggest socially irresponsible companies in America that proved that their service is efficient and demanded enough that they don’t have to pretend to have some high respect towards the nation and people in general but have enough earnings either way.

To be honest, I was shocked by the names I saw on the list. Although I have never heard of any of those brands in any news or announcements regarding some fund raising, helping the poor, helping any mortal in general, they weren’t seemed to be involved in any particular scandal. But, let’s be real, how many scandals were shut down or hidden during since the beginning of the human era?

Pixabay/Public Domain

But we need to step back a bit and think it through for a while. How many big companies have you heard so far that do their best to help the residents worldwide and later on found out that, behind their warm faces and blessed words were actually scams and frauds that took almost all funds for themselves or the ones that should be honoring them for their good deeds actually paid a big price for their help? At least these 10 have the guts to stand up and say what they really mean instead of hiding behind billboards and visiting the HIV kids with gloves, just for the public.

Sure, I don’t agree their policies, but let me ask you a thing: does this mean that you won’t buy any Volkswagen’s car ever in your life? And make your kids do that? I mean, their fraud wasn’t that innocent. Rigging its cars to pass the emission tests isn’t completely safe, which is why the US Environmental Protection Agency made it pay the fine of $20 million in the US alone. Martin Winterkorn, the CEO of the VW AG had to step down, while several executives were suspended, but I don’t see the Volkswagen shutting down anytime soon.

Besides the Volkswagen, there are many, maybe even bigger corporations that were found to be the frauds and socially irresponsible even though they had a high reputation that is on a rise again. It seems to me that, as soon as the whole dust settled down, people around the world simply forgot what happened a few months back. So, we saw what Volkswagen did, but now we should see the rest of the list of 10 biggest socially irresponsible companies in America.

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