10 Cheapest Accelerated Nursing Programs in NY and America

This time we will present you with the cheapest accelerated nursing programs in NY and America. This type of school is a very good alternative for those, who want to finish with nursing school within a short period.

If you want to take part in an accelerated program, you will spend 12-18 months with learning. Some of them require medical degree, so nursing will be your second degree. Accelerated programs don’t need too much time and money, no wonder they have gained popularity very quickly, and its growing is continuous even today. There are about 230 accelerated BSN programs at present, so there are plenty of them to be chosen.

But we must mention that universities tend to reduce places for new students, although there is a severe shortage of nurses throughout the whole country. Yet, there are schools,where the acceptance rate is 100%, such as Northwestern State University, Nebraska Wesleyan University, or Clemson University.

Nevertheless we have selected some schools from the list of Insider Monkey, you will see more schools with more information. Being a nurse is an exhausting and wonderful profession, which always deserves the best social appreciation. And if you are planning to be a nurse you will find excellent schools in this list, which are accelerated,  inexpensive per term, therefore much more affordable than others.

So, without a further ado, let’s see the list of the cheapest accelerated nursing programs in NY and America.

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10. University of Cincinnati, College of Nursing

It’s among the cheapest schools of nursing, as it will cost you $7,707 learning here if you are a state resident.


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9. CUNY Hunter College, School of Nursing

Here is the second school on our list now, which is NYC located, and costs $6,900 per semester for those who are state residents.


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8. Binghamton University, Decker School of Nursing

If you are a state resident, the semester will cost you $6,470, but if not, you will have to pay $21,550 per semester.


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7. University of Kentucky, College of Nursing

At the University of Kentucky, if you want to have a nursing program, as a second degree it will last only until 24 months. The cost is depend on the degrees and subject. An undergraduate resident student has to pay $6,100, but if you live out-of-state the fee is $14,500 per semester.

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6. University of Houston, College of Nursing

If you are a resident of the state your tuition fee is around $4,000, but if you live outside the state the cost is $8,500.


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5. University of Southern Maine, School of Nursing

If you live in Maine, the average tuition fee is about 4,300 per semester for you, and if you are a non-resident, the cost is $10,000.


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4. SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Students have to pay $3,435 a semester, while non-state residents’ tuition fee is  $8,325.

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3. Lehman College -The City University of New York

The cost per semester is  $3,165 per semester, while non- state students have to pay $8,400.

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2. Ashland University, College of Nursing and Health sciences

If you want to get an accelerated nursing degree, your are at the right place as it would take 15 months, 4 semesters. The tuition fee per semester is only $3000.


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1. Florida Atlantic University, Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing

Here’s the number one on our list of  the cheapest accelerated nursing programs in NY and America. If you are a state resident, you will need to pay only $2,400 per semester, if you are out of the state the tuition fee is $8,300. Sounds great, right? Which one did you like  the most?

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