10 Cities With The Most Illegal Immigrants

Are you interested in the 10 cities invaded by illegal immigrants? Great! We are here to present you with Insider Monkey’s latest compilation. Since the beginning of the history of the United States, it has been an extremely attractive destination for those, who wanted to have a nicer and most prosperous future, and believed in it so stubbornly, that they took no little pains to travel across oceans just to rebuilt their lives in the New World. Things haven’t changed since then, as thousands of immigrants arrive at the coasts of America year by year – legally, or illegally. What is sure they try to gain foothold somehow.

But not only the federal agencies and authorities examine illegal abide of immigrants, but extremists exclaim against immigration, saying immigrants take jobs from locals, and as they don’t pay taxes they just want to have free ride on the back of the society. It’s truth, but the black economy – like it or not – gives a lot to the economy in every country.

And now, let’s check out what Insider Monkey has investigated for us regarding to the US cities with the most illegal immigrants. At first on the eighth spot, Atlanta Metro Area with a number of 275,000 illegal population among the city limits. Up on the list, on the sixth spot Washington D.C. Metro Area comes with a population of 425,000 illegal immigrants. Washington D.C. may be a great surprise for you, as the capital is really full of federal agencies, yet it’s an attractive destination of the illegal immigrants. Recently, the number of immigrants has increased by 55,000.  But Dallas Metro Area is upper on the list, on the fourth spot, as there are 475,000 illegal immigrants reside in the city. Although Dallas is among the most conservative cities in the world, there are nearly half a million of illegal immigrants. If you want to get more details about this issue, we recommend you to read the article of cities with the the most illegal immigrants.

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