10 Cities with the Most Unfaithful Wives

To find  cities with most unfaithful wives is not an easy task as people generally don’t really tell the truth about it. Yet, Insider Monkey tried to make a comprehensive research on this subject. If you are interested in this topic, come with us and read the article now.

We can speak about monogamous and polygamous societies. In monogamous society people have one spouse, while in polygamous society they have more than one. Also we make a difference between polygyny and polyandry marriages. In polygyny marriage one man has more than one wife, and in polyandry marriage one woman has more than one husband.

Polygamy is banned in the most developed countries, but we can speak about “serial polygamy”, as generally people get diveroced and then get married to someone else. According to the stats, 67% of the American marriages end in divorce. About 20-25% of Americans confessed to cheat their spouses, which seems to be a large number. Texas leads the race among the US states regarding to cheating each other.

The opinions about adultery are rather controversial as there are professionals, such as Professor David Barash, a zoologist and professor of Psychology Emeritus at the University of Washington, and (intriguingly) his wife, Judith Eve Lipton, M.D., also a psychiatrist, who mention polygamy as some kind of biological imprint. We can see in several modern societies that mainly it is the men who are regarded to be unfaitful and it seems to be more accepted than a woman commits adultery.

The next uprising question is: what counts as “cheating”? Well, I think the answer depends on the individual. Someone regards a flirt to be cheating, while others define cheating is when there’s some kind of sexual acts. Some people say even a kiss counts cheating, while others consider cheating when two people make sex. I think the answer also depends on how much someone loves the other. If someone adores their spouse, they regard even a light flirt cheating. But naturally there are people who are more jealous, while others are not.

As we live a fast life nowadays, and also there’s the internet that makes everything easier, having love affairs are more common and easier. There are websites and apps where you can make friends with lots of other people, and as people in the modern society became estranged and isolated from each other, there are large number of possibilities to cheat the other. You don’t need to be afraid of being revelead as people don’t deal with the others. Long ago the communities took care of each other, people knew everything about the others, so cheating was almost impossible. But now, in the large metropolices adultery can’t be unveiled so easily. There are lots of places where people can pick up someone for a one-night stand, such as bars, pubs, but using social media has brought many more opportunities.

And now, without a further ado, let’s see what Insider Monkey have investigated for us, about the  cities with most unfaithful wives. 

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10. Portland, Maine (The United States)

Portland is the main adulterous city in the US according to Insider Monkey’s list.

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9. Beijing (China)

According to the stats, Chinese women are tend to cheat on their spouses, as more than 20% of them commit adultery.

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8. Nicosia (Cyprus)

People here not only like to speak about adultery but they practise that, too. That’s why this city is in the list now.

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7. Seoul (South Korea)

Around 10% of women admitted to cheat on their husbands here, and the rates is increasing.

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6. Lisbon (Portugal)

The rates of divorces are extremely high here – 70% of marriages end up with divorces!

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5. Moscow (Russia)

We are half way through our list of the cities with most unfaitful wives, and here’s Moscow, the capital of Russia. Adultery isn’t regarded a “big issue” here, as the quarter of the citizens think it’s acceptable.

4. Riga (Latvia)

According to the stats more than 40% of the wives are unfaitful here, which is a large number.

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3. Vilnius (Lithuania)

Satisfaction among the female citizens can be pretty low if this city is the third on the list.

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2. Tallinn (Estonia)

Tallinn got the second place here, as there are lots of divorces because of wives’ unfaitfulness.

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1. Lagos (Nigeria)

Lagos is the number one on our list now, as married women generally cheat on their husbands due to their working overtime and stay till late in their workplaces.

This was the list of the cities with most unfaithful wiveswhich city was the most surprising for you?

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