10 Clever Bumble Bios for Guys

If you need a date and don’t know what to write as a bio, now we are here to help you with the list of 10 clever Bumble bios for guys. Just transform it a little bit to be the perfect for you. As Christmas and the New Year’s Eve are really on the corner, you really feel the impulse to celebrate the holidays with someone. With a good bio you will have dates soon.

As modern times have come, and we even don’t need to move from home in order to “meet” someone, there are more and more sites and apps where you can try to find a date. As a matter of fact nothing became easier, as in these days everything is faster and everybody wants to get evertything quickly. What does it mean in the reality? Well, there are tens of thousands of people on online dating apps, or sites and both sexes have lots of opportunities to have a date. So, the race is strong, and if you want to be the winner, your bio will be one of the most important things. You will also need a good profile photo, great bio and some courage to write to the girls.

If you want to make girls swipe right, you need a good bio that is short, brief and witty. You will see certain types of bio on this list, for example “I like bio”, where you write your likes – it’s very useful, since the girls will know immediately if you have something in common. So are your ready to write a successful bio with us? If you, let’s check out the list of 10 clever Bumble bios for guys.



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10. One-liner bio

I talked about Fight Club.

No matter if your line is short, but if it meets a girl who knwos what you mean, your success is granted.


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9. Useless (funny) fact bio

I can’t whistle. If that’s a problem for you, this isn’t going to work out.

If you mention something (absolutely useless) you aren’t good at, you will make a girl smile, which is half success.

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8. Pop culture favorites bio

I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.

Brief and those girls who are on your side, will answer you fast.


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7. I like bio

Eating ice cream from the carton with a big spoon, when it’s a big holiday weekend and it feels like the city is empty, Romantic poetry (that’s right, capital R not lowercase), poop jokes and Adam Sandler movies. (What can I say, I’m super sophisticated.)

It sounds pretty good. Simple, and contains one everyday thing (eating ice cream with big spoon).


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6. List of likes bio

-Good drink
-Keeping your parents from chucking that iPad you bought them out the window (it’s an imminent risk for many)

It’s a good way to show what you are interested in. But put in it at least one witty line.


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5. By day/By night bio

Sales director by day, indie music lover and garage band member by night. 

This kind of bio is always appreciated among girls.

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4. Short and clear bio

I’m on Bumble because the women on Grinder were horrendous!

This bio is great for girls, who are fed up with the previous app as it didn’t work for them.

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3. Background bio

USC law, studying for the bar.

I consume a lot of ESPN and food network.

It’s good to mention your degree or if you are learning at a college or university. Girls with the same interest will appreciate it.


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2. Likes plus height bio

I like beer, science, being outside, being inside, bagels, picking up iron and twelve other generic human interests.

Hopefully you like blue eyes and sarcasm.


This bio hits the top, as short, brief, and witty. Try it, too!

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1.Great sum-up bio

Guitar and music is my hobby. Jesus, fatherhood and hiking is my life. Coffee in the morning, wine and whiskey at night.

Here is the bio that got the first place on the list of clever bumble bios for guysThis guy really knows what women like to read. He was surely successful with this bio. So, don’t hesitate apply it after a quick editing.

We are sure that these bios will bring you the success you need, so go ahead – try them!

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