10 Companies That Caught Lying To The Public, Deceived Customers

As their is a fierce competition in the market, companies try to win this competition, but many times their ads found untrue, so we are here to show you 10 companies that caught lying to the public or deceived customers. Our modern world is the most competitive ever, so the companies have to race with each other effectively. Every day companies and businesses rise up and fall down, and the competition is ruthless. There are companies that try to win the race with producing better and better products, but others want to gain advantage over the others by lying to the customers. Now we have come out with a list of Insider Monkey’s latest article.

The line between ethical and unethical way is very thin, and very often companies outstep this border. Many times they show to do it the former, but instead they do the latter. If they violence this thin border, and if they are caught, they have to face with large fines and penalties, they have to pay millions of dollars. Their are companies that are able to survive these penalties, while others fail and go bust.

Corporations and their executives are barely charged with lying and criminal deception, instead these cases are taken to the court and the result is some kind of manageable financial penalty, which is paid by the stockholders (and not the executives). What’s more the stocks of these companies manage to rise again after a while. It’s not rare to observe that major companies fighting with couple of lawsuits at the same time, and their legal expenses make up a significant portion of their total expenses.

So let’s start to check out the compilation of 10 companies that caught lying to the public or deceived customers. And they are:

10. Listerine

This product was advertised as a replacement for floss, but it was found untrue, so they had to remove their ads which said their mouthwash was as effective as using floss.

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9. Naked Juice

This company is owned by Pepsi Co, and they claimed their juice were ‘All Natural’, but it was found untrue as the court challenged. They had to move ‘All Natural’ tag from their product and had to pay $9 million as a fine.

8. Olay

This company misrepresented their product, when  when they retouched a model’s photo for their eye cream, misleading customers to believe that the cream was responsible for the impossibly smooth skin. When it came into limelight, they changed the photo and apologized.

7. salesforce.com, inc. (NASDAQ:CRM)

Salesforce has never hesitated to use unconventional ways to wing, this could lead to hire fakes protestors to protest a conference held by their largest competitor, Siebel Systems.


6. Bing

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Bing tried to deprive Google from its throne, but actually it failed. Therefore it stole Google search results and showed them as its own.

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5. Skechers

We are half way through our list of the 10 companies that caught lying to the public or deceived customers. Scechers tried to rise up in the market with claiming their schoes helped the user to burn calories with each step, which is technically true, but it’s true for every shoe in the world. As we make steps, we walk, and we burn calories.


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4. News of the World

News of the World actually hacked the phones of politicians and celebrities in order to get the latest dirt about them, which naturally led to their closure.

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3. ABC Food Group

This was among the biggest scandals in UK and Europe, as investigators found that the meat was advertised as beef – was made of hourse actually! About 75% of the samples contained horse meat, some of them also contained pig meat instead of beef!

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2. Airbnb

Airbnb is a great idea as it offers us cheap accomodations all over the world. Airbnb’s target audience was Craiglist’s userbase. but they didn’t find appropriate ways to get the base for their wibsite. Therefore they created a bot that responded automatically to Craiglist postings , and told the users to check out Airbnb as well, so they could poach Craiglist customers.

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1. Volkswagen

Volkswagen is on the top of the 10 companies that caught lying to the public, deceived customers, as it was involved in a scandal that led to paying out more than $25 billion in fines, restitution and penalties. The problem was they put software in their cars which were designed to beat diesel tests, changing the results to ensure they didn’t cross the emissions threshold. They sold more than 580,000 vehicles – and won the biggest scandal-prize ever.

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