10 Companies With The Best Benefits Packages

When you are looking for a new job, you always need to pick some company with the best benefits packages.

Each company wants to represent itself in the best matter. To be the company that has the best relationship with employees, the company that offers the highest salaries, and the company that is the most involved with humanitarian work.


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Unfortunately, the situation changes as soon as someone gets the job. In most cases, the torture begins. Sometimes the salary is good but each employee has to work harder than ever to earn it. Sometimes, employees are scared to ask for a day off for finishing their own chores. The worst thing that can happen is to find a job in a company that neither gives you the day off, nor the normal working hours, and the salary turns out to be low.

I will never forget the situation that my friends, slash neighbors had a few years back. They were a couple and both of them were students from another city. Well, they both lost their scholarships in one year and their parents were unable to financially support them completely. Their colleges were expensive plus they had an apartment to pay, which also included bills and food. Naturally, they were forced to find a job.

Since she was studying for a teacher, she found some kids to teach for money and he found a job as a seller in one store. He was happy because the store sold sports equipment and clothes and he was obsessed with it. The best thing for him was that he was able to buy everything he wanted for a lower price. But there was one problem. He always had to stay over his working hours. His boss had some new idea and made up chore each day and, since he didn’t have any other job, he was forced to follow every instruction.

They started arguing a lot and the situation culminated on a New Year’s Eve.  He had to work on that day but both of them felt lucky because he was about to be done at 3 PM. One hour before his working hours were supposed to be over, he called to say that he had to stay in both shifts, something regarding the paperwork that had to be done and sent before 00:00. As you all can assume, she was pissed but decided to surprise him with the romantic dinner and atmosphere, to relax him after the long day. She ended up waiting for the fireworks by herself and he was surrounded by papers.

In case you don’t want to end up like them, here is the list of 10 companies with the best benefits packages.

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