10 Companies With the Best Benefits Packages

Whenever you start a new job, it is very important to check with your potential employer all conditions and packages they have to offer. If you are embarrassed to ask or you don’t want to wander around looking for the best conditions, Insider Monkey has the perfect article for you where you can find 10 companies with the best benefits packages.

Just one decade ago, you wouldn’t even have to be worried about health insurance, paid vacations, maternity leaves, breaks, days off, and retirement. Today, you can even find companies that won’t give you a day off, and not to even mention health care or retirement policies. Nowadays, some companies are making mothers leave their newborns with babysitters and come back to work less than a month after they gave birth.

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But, on the other hand, there are companies that seem to provide the better service to their employees than vice versa. No wonder why some of the people working there are so frustrated when they come back home, and it is not the hard work, definitely. Like every employer prefers hiring a passionate employee who will give his best for every chore they get, employees, on the other hand, prefer employers who have the empathy and compassion. Working moms need to have an employer who understands their need when she gets the call from the school saying that her kid got fewer. Working fathers-to-be need an employer who will understand that these men have to run out from their offices as soon as they find out that their wives are in labors. Working students need an employer who understands that they need time for studying and a day or at least a few hours off when they have an exam. Older people need someone who understands that they are not that fast and efficient as their younger colleagues. And everybody needs an employer who knows that they need some time to chill out during the 12-hour-shift.

Some employers are aware of that and some of them even brought this to the entirely different level. Except for the healthcare and dental privileges, days off and paid vacations, maternity and paternity leaves, employees in some companies enjoy the real five-star hotel-spa-gym-restaurant-home office benefits. These companies are offering more flexible working hours, the opportunity to take your work with you at home, allow you conference calls from your house, just like working as a freelancer, just for the higher salary and much better reviews.  And why is that? Because some employers know that, the more satisfied employees, the better working results they provide. So, in order to make their employees do their best for the company, employers are doing their best for their employees. Too much employee-employer words, right? No matter what, they were right. All companies on the list that I am going to share with you are multi-billion dollars companies, which is probably the reason they can afford this kind of treatment towards their employees. Or is it that they became so successful because of their treatment towards their employees? If you have a company that you are still raising, think about that.

So what are those 10 companies with the best benefits packages and which benefits are they offering? Let’s find this out by clicking on the link.

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