10 Controversial Debate Topics for Middle School

This list of the 10  controversial debate topics for middle school will be pretty astonishing for you, and you may be thinking who has thought that would be a good idea to discuss them with for 11, 12 and 13-year olds! They are existing topics for children at middle schools, so Insider Monkey have made a research for us.

Essentially, debates are great and useful. I notice day by day that people, even adults are not able to debate in an intelligent way. Social media shows the same sad experience. If someone runs out of reasons they immediately begin to become personal: they pry into the others’ profile photo, and privacy. Or what is even more astinishing they start to mock the other’s appearance. Debates should teach us to be patient and tolerant. Therefore I put a premium on children should be taught how to debate. But what do we call a debate? It’s a lively talk when the participants or opponents defend their points of view.  Long ago debates were public, opponents invited people and they went to listen to them!

These questions and issues you can find below, don’t contain the typical ones, such as ‘at what age children should be given a mobeil’, or ‘what do you think of making a call in the theatre?’ Instead these topics are really complicated, a little shocking, but awareness raising. I firmly believe that children can tell you much more intelligent answers than you would think, and their points of view are much more mature in many questions. But some of these topics were rather brutal for 11, 12 and 13-year olds. Yet, I’d be curious what their opinions are about these issues. As for me, I taught lots children earlier, and my favorite age group was the teenagers, because they are very straight, sometimes a little brutally straight, but you can learn from their frankness. So if you are a teacher and you are searching debate topics for your students, you are at the right place as you can find some extraordinary ones here.

But as we don’t want to argufy, let’s check out a great selection from Insider Monkey’s list of 10 controversial debate topics for middle school! So come with us now!

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10. Schools should provide free contraceptives

The first topic is about contraceptives. What do you think if children were given free contraceptives wouldn’t it be some kind of encouragement to be more promiscuous? I think promiscuity is rather a big problem among teenagers.

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9. Increase the minimum wage

To discuss the increase the minimum weight children should know the value of money, and then the minimum wage, at last they can speak about it’s increasing.

Greenhill & Co.: a Radical Restructuring
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8. Puerto Rico should become the 51st state

Lots of historical facts and arguments should be needed to discuss it thoroughly.

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7. Repeal the Second Amendment

At first you should make the Second Amendment clear for the children, and then speak about to repeal it or not. It’s a difficult question if it’s safe to possess a gun, especially we think about the recent mass killings.

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6. The United States should negotiate with terrorists

I would really like to know what students at a middle school say about this issue…!

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5. Torture is permissible for purposes of national security

Telling the truth I really don’t know if it has any sense to discuss this topic with children. They may be too young for it, but what do you think?

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4. Warrantless wiretaps are justified

It’s another complicated issue, which can generate debates even among adults, too. Many think it’s crime, others say it’s  necessary evil. But what is sure – you can have long-long hours debates with students in the middle school.

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3. Defense spending cut

Well, this is a topic which young boys are interested in: weaepons, military, wars, soldiers. Surely they will be excited to have conversations relating to defense spending cut. But what about girls? Do you expect they will be interested?

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2. Abolish the Electoral College

I think everyone should be well-informed about the electoral system, so it’s an excellent idea to deal with it in middle schools, too. That’s why it’s here on this list now.

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1. Gentrification does more harm than good.

Gentrification is the last issue on our list of  10 controversial debate topics for middle school. This issue brings up some other questions like moving to country from the city. You can make questions relating to it, such as, ‘Would you move to a village or to the outskirt from the city?’ What do you think they will answer?
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