10 Cooking Classes in NYC for Kids

Are you interested in cooking classes in NYC for kids? You have kids and you would like them to learn cooking in a class. Cooking classes are really great because not everyone had the opportunity to learn cooking from their parents. I was extremely lucky since my Mom cooked every single day, and as I was always with her I wanted to learn everything, so she was happy to teach me. But those who couldn’t study how to cook have lots of opportunities to do. Nowadays parents are busy and many times they don’t have time to cook at home and teach their kids. Now it’s a great opportunity for you and your children if you check these classes.

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In order to create their list, Insider Monkey used ClassCurious‘ database as their source to determine what some of the best chocolate classes in New York City are. This site is always a great help if you want to search some excellent classes in any fields.

We have picked three classes from Insider Monkey’s list for now: Tiny Turnips Kitchen, Freshmade NYC – Soho, and Homecooking New York. Tiny Turnips Kitchen is in Manhattan, children can visit the classes fro the age of 3 and up. Tiny Turnips Kitchen will come to your kitchen to work with your child, teaching them the importance of nutrition, while teaching them to cook. They also strive to introduce new and fun (while still healthy) foods to those picky little eaters. They even provide market and grocery tours to introduce new recipes and foods to the parents of those little ones. Whether it’s an individual lesson, birthday party, or playdate, Tiny Turnips will have your child excited about cooking. Freshmade NYC – Soho. It offers classes for children from the age of 2 and up. If you’re looking for a class that is available during daytime hours, for toddlers to take with their parents, caregivers, etc., then Freshmade NYC is perfect for you. Kids will get to learn beginner’s skills while bonding with their adults. There are also plenty of after school classes for older children, and even special topics lessons taught on Fridays; think pizza and sushi! If you want to host a party, up to 15 kids can come together to enjoy an all-inclusive menu and activity schedule that is sure to please. At last, but not least we recommend Homecooking New York. It’s in Soho, too, and kids from 11 years old can attend these classes. If your chef-in-training is a bit older, and a bit more on the sophisticated side, give them the treat of a class at Homecooking New York. There are options to take one-time classes or week-long camps. Regional cuisines are the focus of most classes, from French to Italian to Mexican. Cooking Camp for Kids is an experience not to be missed, which includes basic skills from safety to ingredient exploration, and ends with a Food Network “Chopped”-style finale.

For any further useful tips, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 cooking classes in NYC for kids.

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