10 Countries that Allow Homeschooling in the World

Homeschooling is still one of the most popular debates in the world and, while there are countries where it is illegal, there are also countries that allow homeschooling in the world as well.

Since the establishment of the first education system, the rules and methods of teaching have been changed a lot. We had time where everyone was taught in their homes, times where the education was only the privilege of the higher class, and we now live in the time where education is not optional.


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In most countries in the world, everyone is not just entitled but obligated to education. In the country I live in is set by the law that every child under the age of 15 has to go to school. Parents who refuse to send their children to this institution are sentenced to very extreme measures. Depending on the situation, parents can suffer many financial tickets and, when the situation is really extreme, their children might even end up being taken away.

The homeschooling isn’t an option. Every child under the age of 15 has to be in the educational system without any exception. After they turn 15, children are allowed to quit school but they have to be aware that, even though they can learn things from their home, they can’t get any degree by only being examined by their parents. On the other hand, they can get into the educational system, but as irregular students. This means that they wouldn’t go to classes but learn everything from their house and then take exams as the rest of the class does.
This practice is more frequent among high school students. But what happens to students under the age of 15?

Again, it all depends on the country those students live in. While there are countries where kids don’t have to go to school, there are also countries that punish parents big time for not sending their children to school.
And, in some countries, homeschooling is a completely normal thing. Personally, I will never support it because I believe that school isn’t just about subjects but learning how to live among other people as well. Sure, not all of us have the same opinion but we all do what we think it is best for our children.

If you are all for homeschooling, check out  10 countries that allow homeschooling in the world.

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