10 Countries that Have Invented the Most Things in All Human History

Each day some innovation pops up and, I don’t know if you have noticed, but in most cases, during the I don’t know how many decades, only a few countries are mentioned when it comes to it and here are those 10 countries that have invented the most things in all human history.

Whenever you speak about the history and some innovations from a few centuries ago, usually the Ancient Greece or Roman people are mentioned. Was it because they were the smartest people in the world in that time or because they were the ones that made the biggest effort because of their culture? I am not sure, but one thing is certain: when talking about innovations, most of you refer to technology development, but the truth is that everything that you own nowadays was sometimes the new thing that people admired even if it was the first toothbrush. It sounds silly nowadays because we are all used to have it in our houses, but this wasn’t some usual object always. Not until China released it and spread the word worldwide.

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Yes, as always, Asian countries such as Japan and China had to be on this list. Although nowadays most of the things we use in our homes are made in these countries, especially China, because of the cheap workforce, China isn’t in the lack of innovation. Not now but neither it was a few centuries ago. For example, among most famous China’s innovations are nail polish, dominoes, porcelain, silk, umbrella, paper, compass, mechanical clock, toilet paper, paper money, and even the tea production.

While China is all about discovering small, cheap things that make every person’s life easier, there is Germany, on the other hand, that gives a lot of effort to get on the throne as the biggest technological innovator. For all nations worldwide, Germany invented the Tape Recorder, Record Player, MP3 Format, Radio-Controlled Watch, Scanner and Small Format Camera, as well as the X-ray, Automobile, and Airbag, Glider and Helicopter, Nuclear Fission, but it also continued the work of China and invented toothpaste as the addition to their toothbrush.

Still, there is no way that some country would take the throne from England. Although the UK, in general, owns the right on more than 50% of inventions worldwide, England is the undoubted champion in this league and it owns this title in every single field, from everyday household objects to the latest technology. Speaking of it, without England, we wouldn’t have the World Wide Web or electronic programmable computer, and not even a TV, so guess who would sit by their radio all the time (if they could afford it at the time, of course, because the price of the radio fall down when the TV appeared. If it didn’t happen, radio would still be the high-class device).

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