10 Countries that Have the Most Fresh Water

Global warming finally showed its real face. In order to survive, we are in much bigger need for fresh water and which 10 countries have the most fresh water on Earth?

Each year, we face more heat, which means that global warming is rising. This is the time where the most people die because of the lack of fresh water and the heat. Have you noticed how many children are in the newspaper every year because their parents left them in cars for a few minutes, while they run into the stores? But to be fair, this is all our fault. If there isn’t that big pollution caused by humans that affect the ozone layer, the degrees would be lower and we would be able to leave our houses without any fear of being found somewhere passed out on the ground.

Pixabay/Public Domain

This is why Spring and Autumn are my favorite seasons. It isn’t cold nor hot, there are rains and winds, you can take off your clothes on sunny days or put some extra shirts on when it is a bit colder. But you can and you will survive.

In Summer, all you have to do is to drink as much water as you can and get in the shower as many times as you can. Some people are using air conditions, but this way of cooling isn’t as healthy as you might think. On the other hand, it is better than sitting around in the room without any fresh air. But everyone will agree that our only way out in these situations is the fresh water. But how much fresh water are we left with now?

If you would take a look at some books, you would realize that 71% of Earth is made out of the water, which at the first sight seems perfect. But wait a minute, don’t jump to any conclusion until you see all the facts. When you look at maps, you see how many blue areas are there, but the thing is that 97% of all of the blue surface on Earth represents the saline water, which means that we are left with only 3% of the fresh water. But it gets worse. 2% out of 3% is contained in glaciers, ice, and snow, while the 0.75% is the groundwater. 0.01% are lakes and rivers and only 0.003% of all the water is the fresh, unpolluted water that we use for drinks. When you put it this way, it turns out that we are not left that much with usable natural resources. So let’s see what are 10 countries that have the most fresh water.

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