10 Countries that Have the Most Horses in the World

Hey horse lovers, are you ready to visit countries that have the most horses in the world? If so, let’s travel together and meet their owners.

Horses are among top 5 noble animals in the world. They are like big dogs. Faithful, loyal, and cuddly. But the difference is that they are way too big to sleep with you on the bed and they can be used for riding, like they actually are.


Pixabay/Public Domain

Horses are still used as the way of travelling in some places and, even though I find it very uncomfortable because they are too soft creatures and this is the way of torture, they are still used for transporting all sorts of things, from food for animals to the luggage.



They are also used for games such as polo, which is some sort of game for higher classes and competition such as runs. Either way, some people are afraid of them but there is no single person in the world that doesn’t love them.

How many of you wanted to get a pony when you were kids? And how many of you were able to ride a horse at least once in your life? I have ridden a horse once in my life. Actually, I just sat and his owner led us for a kilometer or so. But I don’t think that I could ever do it on my own even though I don’t think that anyone would be happier than me to be able to do it on my own.

I can only see them in a countryside but in my country, the number of horses is decreasing each day. On the other hand, people in some countries made a living out of breeding horses. Some of them use their pets for selling, while other ones keep them for some tournaments or as if they were some of the tourist attractions, which actually can be true.

Insider Monkey did the article regarding this topic and searched for the countries with the highest number of horses. Before you proceed to the list, you need to keep in mind that some of the data that was collected go back from 2011 and that not every horse is always recorded by the government. Just like not every dog owner has his name in vet’s office. Even though numbers are not quite exact, at least they got the round number to make the list. And here is the result: 10 countries that have the most horses in the world.

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